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Apple TV + has attracted "millions of users" in its first week

Apple TV +

It is difficult to estimate figures when it comes to Apple, unless they are the ones who provide them, and with Apple TV + it was not going to be different. After a week since its launch, sources not named through the medium Variety have indicated that Apple TV + is getting millions of users.

The average use of Apple TV + similar to that of the competition.

Not happy with this, they have also revealed data such as the average time that users spend using the streaming service of the Cupertino, being this of more than one hour. This implies that the average user is seeing more than one chapter or series in each session.

Apple TV +

Limited content at the time of its launch.

Apple generates by itself all the content that is on its platform, so that over time its catalog will be broader, at the moment it is very concise compared to other platforms. Currently the numbers of its main productions; See, For All The Mankind, Dickinson and The Morning Show dance according to where the data comes from. In the middle Rotten Tomatoes professional criticism is falling, only with The Morning Show standing out from the rest, with See below 50%. However, the critics of the audience change completely and give much higher scores to for example these two series, placing both around 90%.


A long way to go.

That Apple TV + was not going to take off immediately was easy to understand. As we say, with a limited moment catalog and overwhelming competition it will take a while to find its place. There is no doubt that Apple is betting heavily on its platform, with series of quality and diverse content, and if they continue in this direction, success is a matter of time.