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Adis, blue and coral iPhone XR

Goodbye, coral. Goodbye, blue. Hello green hello lavender

The colorful line

Apple's iPhone XR could be affected by a change in the rainbow of options. Reliable sources of information have reported a rumor, Apple will exchange the coral and blue iPhone XR for green and lavender.

Lavender is a fairly specific shade of purple

?What can we expect from the vague green tone? Are we talking about a green kelly, a lime green, something in the family of a dusty Yoda green? ?

Beyond coral and blue

The iPhone XR currently comes in black, white, yellow and red. When the iPhone XR debuted in September 2018, it was Apple's first touch in bright colors since the iPhone 5C was launched in 2013 with blue, green, yellow, pink and white color options.

The green iPhone 5C was a pretty bright green tone (like a fluorescent green mint), If that offers any clues about the new color of the iPhone XR.

The new iPhone XR and the rumored iPhone triple camera 11 will probably be released later this year.