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5 steps that Bethesda needs to follow to return to normal

INot long ago, Bethesda was considered one of the few really excellent third-party publishers left in the industry. Their insistence on creating custom-made single-player games directed by the narrative without microtransactions, even when most of the other publishers moved towards the delivery of multiplayer games or live service titles that were designed to be monetized, made them An industry favorite.

But things have changed dramatically in the last year. Multiple less than stellar launches, countless public relations disasters and a series of bad decisions have led to what should be the fastest change in the public opinion of a company in this industry in many years. Now, when it comes to the masses, Bethesda has become another giant corporation that only cares about revenue.

But things are not insurmountable for them. You can still change this. Nintendo managed to return from the abysmal failure of the Wii U, Sony managed to steer the ship to constant waters after the turbulent first years of the PS3, and Ubisoft managed to correct its course after starting this generation with the wrong foot. Bethesda can also return from this depression.

To do that, however, they will have to be very careful how to proceed in the future. We do not pretend to be experts in how to execute megacorporations, but there seems to be some key things that Bethesda must do to make sure it can be routed again. Of course, some of these may be easier said than done, even everyone, but we believe that these should be non-negotiable goals for Bethesda if they want to restore the faith of the masses themselves.

Let's start with the most obvious big step for them.


Fallout's He had some difficult years on this side of 2010. When Bethesda acquired the franchise and directed it in a completely new direction with Fallout 3, Certainly there were many who felt that they were missing the point of what made the series so good, but it could not be denied that, in short, it was an experience that defined the generation. His brilliant praise and a group of awards were ample evidence of that.

Fallout 4, however, it was a step in the wrong direction. He reduced the elements of the role-playing game and simplified the choice and the mechanics of the consequences, while the story he told was not without problems: these three things are, as any fantasy in the series will tell you, critical for Fallout's success Still Fallout 4 It was a solid and fun game, and of course, at that time most believe that Bethesda will take into account the comments of the players and make improvements in the future.

But then came Fallout 76. We all know how that turned out. We are not going to litter in the game and talk about how it was, and still is, a complete disaster, because honestly enough has been said. But Fallout 76 devastating failure and not insignificant discontent with Fallout 4 They have combined to make a massive dent in the reputation of the series. That is something that Bethesda needs to aim to fix.

Bring Fall Go back to your roots and reintroduce all the things we loved. Since Bethesda Game Studios already has its next two major projects underway with Starfield Y The Elder Scrolls 6, it's logical that many years go by before we see Fallout 5. Every time he goes out, he must be a jonrn, or else he cannot recover from the damage that Fallout 76 did.

Speaking of Fallout 76 …


consequences 76

Making sure that Fallout 5 It should be a clear goal for Bethesda, but there is still more work they can do before that happens that could help solve the problem. Fall brand. Fallout 76 It could have had a horrible release, but impossible enough, it could still be a game that can be rescued from death.

If you have to believe in Bethesda, Fallout 76 somehow it has managed to maintain a considerable and dedicated player base despite all the bad press that surrounds it. That is a miracle in itself: you just have to look Anthem to see how quickly most people leave a disappointing live service game, and it's a miracle that Bethesda needs to take advantage of the best she can.

The next Wastelanders The update is exactly the kind of things you need to do. It is disappointing that it has been delayed, but that is the kind of content we all want from our Fall game, with that group of dialogue options that seem to be taking signals from Fallout 3 instead of 4, those NPCs that gave us enough reason to relate to the world and do all the missions, and those deep RPG techniques that hooked us for countless hours. So Wastelanders it must be good and it must be the first of many content updates to Fallout 76

And you know what? Fix the damn game, Bethesda. Actually fix the game. Solve your embarrassing mistakes, make sure things like your private servers and your waste boxes really do what they are supposed to do, make sure it doesn't run like crap. And please, for everything that is good in the world, don't publish a $ 100 subscription service for a game that is broken, especially if that service has nothing good to offer, and can't even do the things that Offers work properly.