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5 steps that Bethesda needs to follow to return to normal

INot long ago, Bethesda was considered one of the few really excellent third-party publishers left in the industry. Their insistence on creating custom-made single-player games directed by the narrative without microtransactions, even when most of the other publishers moved towards the delivery of multiplayer games or live service titles that were designed to be monetized, made them An industry favorite.

But things have changed dramatically in the last year. Multiple less than stellar launches, countless public relations disasters and a series of bad decisions have led to what should be the fastest change in the public opinion of a company in this industry in many years. Now, when it comes to the masses, Bethesda has become another giant corporation that only cares about revenue.

But things are not insurmountable for them. You can still change this. Nintendo managed to return from the abysmal failure of the Wii U, Sony managed to steer the ship to constant waters after the turbulent first years of the PS3, and Ubisoft managed to correct its course after starting this generation with the wrong foot. Bethesda can also return from this depression.

To do that, however, they will have to be very careful how to proceed in the future. We do not pretend to be experts in how to execute megacorporations, but there seems to be some key things that Bethesda must do to make sure it can be routed again. Of course, some of these may be easier said than done, even everyone, but we believe that these should be non-negotiable goals for Bethesda if they want to restore the faith of the masses themselves.

Let's start with the most obvious big step for them.


Fallout's He had some difficult years on this side of 2010. When Bethesda acquired the franchise and directed it in a completely new direction with Fallout 3, Certainly there were many who felt that they were missing the point of what made the series so good, but it could not be denied that, in short, it was an experience that defined the generation. His brilliant praise and a group of awards were ample evidence of that.

Fallout 4, however, it was a step in the wrong direction. He reduced the elements of the role-playing game and simplified the choice and the mechanics of the consequences, while the story he told was not without problems: these three things are, as any fantasy in the series will tell you, critical for Fallout's success Still Fallout 4 It was a solid and fun game, and of course, at that time most believe that Bethesda will take into account the comments of the players and make improvements in the future.

But then came Fallout 76. We all know how that turned out. We are not going to litter in the game and talk about how it was, and still is, a complete disaster, because honestly enough has been said. But Fallout 76 devastating failure and not insignificant discontent with Fallout 4 They have combined to make a massive dent in the reputation of the series. That is something that Bethesda needs to aim to fix.

Bring Fall Go back to your roots and reintroduce all the things we loved. Since Bethesda Game Studios already has its next two major projects underway with Starfield Y The Elder Scrolls 6, it's logical that many years go by before we see Fallout 5. Every time he goes out, he must be a jonrn, or else he cannot recover from the damage that Fallout 76 did.

Speaking of Fallout 76 …


consequences 76

Making sure that Fallout 5 It should be a clear goal for Bethesda, but there is still more work they can do before that happens that could help solve the problem. Fall brand. Fallout 76 It could have had a horrible release, but impossible enough, it could still be a game that can be rescued from death.

If you have to believe in Bethesda, Fallout 76 somehow it has managed to maintain a considerable and dedicated player base despite all the bad press that surrounds it. That is a miracle in itself: you just have to look Anthem to see how quickly most people leave a disappointing live service game, and it's a miracle that Bethesda needs to take advantage of the best she can.

The next Wastelanders The update is exactly the kind of things you need to do. It is disappointing that it has been delayed, but that is the kind of content we all want from our Fall game, with that group of dialogue options that seem to be taking signals from Fallout 3 instead of 4, those NPCs that gave us enough reason to relate to the world and do all the missions, and those deep RPG techniques that hooked us for countless hours. So Wastelanders it must be good and it must be the first of many content updates to Fallout 76

And you know what? Fix the damn game, Bethesda. Actually fix the game. Solve your embarrassing mistakes, make sure things like your private servers and your waste boxes really do what they are supposed to do, make sure it doesn't run like crap. And please, for everything that is good in the world, don't publish a $ 100 subscription service for a game that is broken, especially if that service has nothing good to offer, and can't even do the things that Offers work properly.

Seriously, who thought it was a good idea?



It's not just about Fall, Of course. Bethesda Game Studios has many other irons in the fire, and while Fallout 76 It is a game that is compatible for at least a few more years (one will suppose), there are other upcoming games that Bethesda can and should focus on.

His first next big game is the one we've been waiting for for years, which is strange, because it was only officially announced at E3 2018. Starfield It's a science fiction role-playing game, and Bethesda's next big game, and those two little pieces of information were enough to send our collective publicity to the atmosphere not too long ago.

Recently, however, the general feeling that people have for Starfield It is one of the concerns. Fallout 4 It was a bit disappointing for many, while Fallout 76 It was more than a little disappointing. We will have to go back to 2011 for the last great Bethesda game, and honestly, the industry and the genre of the open world have evolved beyond recognition since then.

Thanks to stellar games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, and many, many others, now we expect much, much more from the open world games than we usually endorse when Skyrim He took the world by storm, and Bethesda needs to do everything in his power to make sure that Starfield It is not more of the same.

Because let's be honest, a SkyrimQuality game is simply not enough anymore. The list has risen, and developers who fall below that list will not be reduced by the general public, especially when that developer as massive as Bethesda Game Studios. With Starfield Bethesda needs to make sure they are growing and evolving with the times; It must be a coup de grace, to show everyone that this is still a study that knows exactly what we are looking for in the massive open-world role-playing games.

And there is one crucial thing they must do to make that happen …


by Skyrim Bethesda decided to stop using the Gamebryo engine, which they had previously used to Morrowind, Fallout 3, Y I forget – and instead use their own creation engine, based on the code base of Gamebryo. And although it certainly worked for them with Skyrim To the extent that the game did not look like an outdated disaster, it became clear throughout the years that its engine needs a major overhaul.

Each of the games that Bethesda launched during the last decade, if not more, has been left behind by contemporary competition in regards to visual fidelity, but the most important thing is that its games have almost always suffered important errors that break the game. Until recently, we were very happy to ignore those mistakes, because at least the games that came out of the studio were enjoying experiences. Fallout 76, However, it appeared and made us realize that Bethesda's engine is very outdated.

Starfield – Y The Elder Scrolls 6, Of course, both have a big load on their shoulders, and to make sure that both games meet expectations, Bethesda needs everything to go well. And that means they need to live up to a certain standard in the image department. More importantly, they must be free from the set of errors and technical problems that have become synonymous with Bethesda games throughout the years.

Because, as we discussed earlier, our expectations of open world games are not much, much higher than ever. Look at the tastes of Red Dead Redemption 2 or Horizon: Zero Dawn, both are massive open-world titles that show amazingly beautiful images consistently and rarely suffer any error. That is the standard that open world games remain until now, and nothing less than that for Starfield Y The Elder Scrolls 6 Just don't be good enough.


Fallout 1st

Bethesda's recent shift towards a more flagrant monetization of his games has been largely a product of the way his main releases have been played in recent years. As editor, Bethesda can always count on Old rolls Y Fall do it well, but in recent years, games like Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, The Evil Within 2, Dishonored 2, Y Dam Everyone has received widespread praise that, unfortunately, has not translated into good sales.

And so, the company's shift towards more flagrant monetization is not difficult to understand. But it is something they need to get away from. We already talk about Fallout 76 New subscription, but even within the game itself, there is a store in the game that has been the subject of criticism since the game's launch. Meanwhile, Wolfenstein: Youngblood He was also criticized for feeling that it had been designed as a game that Bethesda could monetize. Then there are The Elder Scrolls: Blades, which has an aggressive monetization even for a mobile game.

We understand that Bethesda needs to bring the money somehow – After all, they are a business, but it is no secret that the fact that they have not sold a satisfactory amount of copies of the beloved titles for a player is also due to their own inability to properly market any of those games. As editor, Bethesda has often been accused of not marketing his major releases correctly. Perhaps, if they did, they could sell more games and, as such, they would not feel the need to over-monetize their games.

It is not that there is no market for single-player titles based on history. Look at the tastes of Araa man, Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Witcher 3, God of War, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, to name just a few, all of which are games only for a player based on the story without monetization in the game that have been sold as hotcakes. Hell, even EA, the grandfather of monetized disorders, has Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order – A game for a player without microtransactions.

Sure, Bethesda may not have the cache of massive properties like Araa man Y Star Wars resort, but since when has it been an excuse for not having adequate marketing for games?

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of TecNoticias as an organization, and should not be attributed to them.

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