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Xiaomi confirms that upgrading its devices to Android L, but the priority is MIUI


Xiaomi confirms that upgrading its devices to Android L, but the priority is MIUI

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August 14, 2014

Xiaomi Android L update

The global expansion of Xiaomi, a project designed by Hugo Barra, whose most recent destination has been India. At the moment his baggage there has been successful and only the lack of stock has prevented more copies of the Mi3 from being sold in his debut. Barra, on the occasion of the landing of the firm in the populous Asian country, has granted an interview to a technological medium of national relevance, where he exposes the update plans of his teams.

As they point out our colleagues in MovilZona, the rise of Xiomi and its growing popularity also entails the need to project a solid company image not only by launching devices equipped with the most advanced hardware, but also keeping the software updated, that is, incorporating the latest improvements available in the shortest possible time. In this regard, it is confirmed that the Chinese firm will work to bring Android L to your smartphones and tablets, even if it is not the absolute priority.

Android L will arrive in the medium term

Hugo Barra points out that they will get to work with Android L as soon as the stable code is available, to adapt it to its graphical interface. Even so, not all the efforts of the company will focus on quickly developing the update, but it will be a slow process and subject to other projects.

Xiaomi Android L update

In this way, it is more or less clear that Android L will reach the latest Xiaomi devices in the medium term and that the company will not enter a race with the other companies, because it finds it more necessary to offer its own MIUI experience optimally.

MIUI 6, at the gates

In the last few days we have seen some screenshots of what will be online MIUI 6, the new version of the Xiaomi interface feature, whose public presentation will take place next Saturday August 16th.

The fact that MIUI development is prime about the update to Android L, somehow, it is indicative that China continues to be Xiaomi's top priority; and it is that in that market the exclusive functions of the firm are what, to a large extent, has reported a popularity so tall.