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WhatsApp allows beta to hide contact states

WhatsApp states

WhatsApp Beta has included in the latest version allowing hide completely updates of the states that we have silenced. That is, if you do not want to see the updates of that contact who likes to send many states throughout the day, you can do so.

WhatsApp states to which it cost him to walk, but now it has become one of the most used amusements by many users. It does not reach the level of Instagram Stories, but we do see more and more contacts use them.

In the stable version we have the option to silence the states of the contacts we want, although updates of silenced contacts appear in the states section, so we have to "eat" them with chips.

It is in beta number 2.19.260 in which there is an option that allows you to completely hide the silenced states, so you will no longer find the stories of those contacts from which you are not interested in his life, those weird memes and those links to even more mundane videos.

To be functional, first we have to silence the state of a contact. Once it was silenced, it should already disappear from the status tab with an arrow that would allow us to expand the muted states to see them. For whatever reason we are curious. Although first, you will not see them and what a great joy, since when a state is silenced it is for some reason more than evident.

Remember that is currently in the WhatsApp beta and in which you can participate from the Google Play Store. A new function that allows us to avoid keeping an eye on the status updates of some contacts and which are sometimes very heavy. Do not miss this trick for the states.

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