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what it is, what it is for and how to acquire it

Everyone knows the quality that Apple provides its products. Either by the choice of materials, design or the operation itself, Apple always It provides exceptional quality to everything it does. However, nothing can free us from an accident that causes our device to end up on the floor and with a broken screen or other damage. Then come the lamentations.

AppleCare + is a solution that can make us save enough money in these cases. We have prepared this article so that you get out of doubt and know when and how to apply it. Do not stay without knowing anything about the AppleCare and value the possibility of applying it. Join us to know more about this product.


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Everything you need to know about AppleCare + is here

What is

AppleCare + is an extension of the warranty that the company gives in a standard way to its products. That is, we pay an amount of money by practically not worrying in case of damages in the operation or accidental.

What is it for

To avoid having to pay more than 300 euros for the change of a screen on the iPhone 11 Pro, for just one example. We know that This type of accident is extremely common. It is also possible to make a battery change at a lower price than normal. Likewise, telephone attention is extended to those 2 years, which is limited in the case of new devices without AppleCare to 90 days.


AppleCare + covers Up to two incidents due to physical damage. Imagine that doing mountain bike you drop and destroy the screen. You only pay 99 euros for the repair.

How to acquire it and activate it

There are several ways to buy it, one of them is telephone, for Spain you will have to dial the number 900812703. In the same way, you can request that AppleCare coverage be applied from Apple's own support page. From the device itself, depending on the one in question, it is also possible to do it, we put an iPhone as an example. To do this go to Settings> General> Information.

From personal experience, it is sometimes a good idea to ask Apple to call you and have an agent do it for you. They are very attentive and resolve any questions that may arise in the process. Remember that since you buy the device d60 days ispones to be able to operate the AppleCare +.

Products to which it applies

The range is very wide, but we detail it here:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • MacBook
  • iMac
  • Apple watch
  • HomePod
  • ipod touch
  • Headphones
  • Apple TV

How much is it

The prices are variable, from the 29 euros of the extension of coverage for the AirPods to the 249 euros with which it is based on a MacBook. For an iPhone 11 Pro the price is currently at 229 euros. If you buy AppleCare + from your device have to pay by bank card and the warranty extension starts from that moment.

What does not cover

The list is wide. It is not responsible for damage due to misuse of the devices or those caused voluntarily. He also washes his hands in case of technical assistance from someone who is not authorized. Robberies and thefts stay out of AppleCare +. Nor those small aesthetic damages that do not affect the operation, as well as the usual signs of wear. And forget about scratching something if your device is a victim of the flames.


Doubt, what contract?

That is your choice, but if you ask us to get wet, the AppleCare + is a worthwhile product. Especially if you have the hands of butter or develop some dangerous activities with your iPhone on top, for example, if you are a sports monitor. The components of the devices they are usually very expensive, we just have to look at the price of the screens. That your brand new iPad Pro starts doing weird things is not a good symptom and you know that with this warranty extension the price will be fixed and very reduced. Many times it is worth making an extra effort and enjoying the tranquility that this type of products provides us.

Bonus track

Apple puts at our disposal a support app, which is usually not well known. From ah you can manage the status of your repairs and request information about the technical service, any type of doubt is answered from your own device.

support app