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We didn't have keynote in October and this is all Apple hasn't submitted

Apple flag

Many expected it, but in the end we did not have an Apple keynote in October dedicated in principle to the company's professional devices. During the In recent years it has been a tradition But Apple has decided not to hold an event this year and, at least for now, we are left without seeing many of its new devices.

What devices has Apple not presented?

There were a few devices that we expected Apple to present and have finally been postponed for later.

New mac

We know that Apple is working on a new 16-inch MacBook Pro With lots of news. The design of this new device will stand out above the rest thanks to a screen almost without frames, also will have a new keyboard to replace the current butterfly.

MacBook Pro concept

In addition to this, Apple promised in WWDC 19 that the new Mac Pro will be launched before the end of the year. Although we already know everything about this device at the moment we have no clue as to when it could be launched.

Apple Tags

Apple is working on a kind of locator tags and its launch must be imminent. At iOS 13 code found numerous clues so we should see them soon, it would have been great to have done it in a keynote explaining its operation, but not at least for now.

Apple Tag

This small device can be placed anywhere, a backpack, a wallet or a bike. You will be able to send your location in real time that we could see in the new Search application and you can also notify us on the iPhone when we move away from it.

New iPad Pro

About the iPad Pro we have heard different rumors. It seems that Apple will include the three-lens camera of the iPhone 11 Pro in the new iPad, but it doesn't seem clear when it will definitely be launched.

iPad Pro three cameras

As for power the current iPad Pro is left over, although in case Apple launches a new model it probably arrives equipped with the A13X processor.

Apple has decided that this year there will be no keynote in October, a shame since s that there were enough devices to present at an event, in the end we are left alone with the new AirPods Pro and we will have to wait to see more news.