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Two changes in WhatsApp that you should pay close attention to

WhatsAppImage: Bigstock

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  • WhatsApp has over 1.6 billion users globally

  • The Facebook owned app is key in its marketing and advertising strategy

  • Constantly making changes to the platform, the most recent are aimed at giving users greater control

It is said that messenger applications will be the field in which brands will dispute to connect with their audiences, largely because of the large number of millions of users daily on these types of platforms. This is known by apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, FB Messenger and WeChat, among others, that go on the hunt for subscribers.

To give us an idea, projections of eMarketer They point out that this year there will be more than 2 thousand 520 million of users of apps of this type worldwide, while data from Visual Capitalist reveal that they are currently sent more than 41.6 million messages phones per minute.

Security and privacy, the key

In the west, WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messenger and has become a key factor in the strategy of Facebook To enhance its marketing and digital advertising offer, it is therefore looking to offer users an environment that projects confidence and security.

A clear example of this are the most recent changes that the app has presented: Privacy settings for groups and fingerprint blocking.

The first was released this week through a publication on the official blog, which details how Subscribers can prevent them from being added to a WhatsApp group without their consentIt even opens up the possibility that you select which people may have that privilege.

So far, anyone can add anyone to a group just by having their phone number, but if you don't want that, you just have to:

  • Click on WhatsApp settings
  • Select Account> Privacy> Groups
  • Once there, select the option you prefer: "All", "My contacts" or "My contacts except"
  • ?My contacts, let me know that only the users you have in your calendar can add you to groups
  • ?My contacts except, select one or some specific people can add you to a group


A second change given to connector recently is the possibility of activating the application lock with the fingerprint, allowing to strengthen the security and privacy of users.

Similar to the version that was released early in the year with Touch ID and Face ID to iPhone, WhatsApp present a few days ago a similar authentication method to block and unlock the messenger but now for compatible Android devices.

To enable it:

  • Click on Settings
  • Select Account
  • Then Privacy
  • And finally the fingerprint lock

Why is it important?

For WhatsApp it is of utmost importance project trust in users regarding the use of its application, in particular given intention to boost its Business version.

In this regard, it is worth recalling a recent survey conducted online by Reuters and Ipsos about people's trust in some of the main digital platforms.

The results revealed that 41 percent rely on Facebook to obey the laws that protect their personal information, something that puts it well below the 66 percent who said they trust Amazon, 62 percent who trust Google and 60 percent cent that believes in Microsoft.

So, considering that WhatsApp is from Facebook, for Menlo Park's company it is a priority to regain the trust of people and, at the same time, of advertisers.