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Twitter is renewed and allow you to follow Themes, in the purest Instagram style

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International.- Twitter is one of the social networks with more experience in the market and already has more than 330 million active users per month. Although its great rivals, right now, are Instagram and Facebook. So to fight against them, the social network of the blue bird is constantly renewing itself and, now, in just a few days, it will launch a novelty that is sure to be very well received by the users of this social network.

Specifically, Twitter is very close to launching a significant improvement that will delight all its users. Until now, only specific users can be followed, but after months of testing, the microbloggin social network will allow the monitoring of complete topics.

This news will be implemented on November 13

This is, basically, a movement similar to the one that Instagram already made in its day so that its users not only followed specific accounts but also allowed them to start following up. And it is now when Twitter wants to make a similar movement to further enhance its use.

The bluebird social network has announced that it will begin implementing this novelty on November 13 and that it will be a functionality that will be available to everyone.

Serve so that users are informed of the day to day

But what is the purpose of this new Twitter feature? Basically, the objective of topics is for users to use one more tool to be informed about what happens in the day, as reported by Rob Bishop, one of the heads of the Themes team, who said that ?we know That the main reason people come to Twitter is to keep abreast of the things that interest them. The challenge is that it is quite difficult to do it on Twitter day by day. ?

With this new functionality, Twitter users will be able to choose from more than 300 topics, so that they can have access to specific topics without having to follow separate accounts that publish related content, so you can see tweets about these topics accounts that we don't follow.

This is just the beginning, since Twitter plans to expand the number of Topics that users can follow as a filter, so that you do not have to follow many accounts to be aware of everything that interests you and thus not have a timeline Endless every time you access the social network.