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Tricks to reduce dependence on your Android phone

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Many people now have an Android phone. Although not always good use of the smartphone. In fact, many people end up using the phone excessively, not knowing when it's time to stop using their phone. In these cases, there are always some tricks with which try to reduce this dependency.

So that can make healthy use of the phone again easily. Then we leave you with some tricks or tips that can be helpful in these situations, so that you make healthy use of your Android phone at all times.


Flash notification

A reason why many people use the phone constantly, it's because they receive notifications at all times. Something that ultimately causes them to be using the device longer than necessary. Luckily, we can adjust notifications on Android at all times without too much trouble. We can even disable them all on the phone.

The best in these cases is reduce or eliminate notifications completely. Especially in the case of some messaging applications such as WhatsApp it may be important to configure notifications. So you have less temptation or need to unlock the phone and use it again.

An option related to this is to use the Do Not Disturb Mode on Android. Most phones with the operating system currently have this mode, available in the settings. This is a way that eliminates or reduces notifications of messages and calls. So if we have to work, study or just want to disconnect, it can be used. If you want, it allows you to add exceptions, allowing some specific people to contact you. It is a very useful mode on Android, to better use the phone.

In addition, in this sense there are another couple of applications available. One that possibly sound a lot to some is Digital Wellness, available for many users on Android. On the other hand, another application that gives us a series of functions that are quite similar to it is ActionDash, which can be downloaded to the phone and which we have already talked about.


Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 screen

The colors shown on the screen have more influence in the user of what many think. Various studies show that people have a tendency to pay more attention to warm colors. Therefore, many times the icons are shown in this type of colors, notifications too. In addition, wallpapers can have these colors in many cases.

Therefore, there are some aspects that must be taken into account in this regard, which will help to use the Android phone less frequently. The wallpaper is something important, trying to use less bold colors and betting on somewhat darker backgrounds or cold tones, which provide a relaxing sensation.

Some users opt to transform the screen and make use of the black and white filter, so that the screen is shown without colors. It is another option, although something more radical in this regard. But the idea is clear, reduce colors on the screen from the phone, especially the warm tones. Something to keep in mind when looking for a wallpaper for your Android phone.

Only essential applications

How to disable apps on Android

The best thing to reduce temptation or dependence is reduce the number of applications on Android So you have only the essentials, which prevent you from spending too much time using the phone without a clear purpose. There are a number of applications that are good to have, with which to use the phone normally.

On the other hand, it may there are some functions that do not give you utility, but you spend too much time using. It may be helpful to disable some of them. So you would reduce the time you spend using your Android phone. Or you would make a much more efficient use of the phone.

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