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Tinder's Swipe Night awaits you on October 6 for the apocalypse

Swipe Night

There is no better excuse to flirt with someone to protect or protect him from the apocalypse that is about to fall. At least from the "digital" of Swipe Night, a new adventure of this platform Very popular to meet new people and thus get intimate with it with an interesting conversation, or simply a French farewell.

We announce this "game", but it won't be until on October 6 at 6 p.m. when will it be available. Of course, we are going to prepare you so that on that day you have everything ready and you start your own apocalyptic story in which to find a friend with whom to have fun. Go for it.

All in first person on Swipe Night

We are always open to new experiences. And if these are mixing the real with the virtual, more than better. In Swipe Night we will be facing an interactive experience in which a very different way of ?match? is simply offered. Yes, that of Tinder to make gestures until someone has liked us and matches us with him or her to start a conversation or not; It is always subject to multiple conditions.

Swipe Night

Swipe Night is characterized by an apocalyptic adventure in the first person in which we will have to decide what happens to us at that moment in which the thread can change, and thus the end of the story. The conductive thread is closely linked with the chances we have of matching, apart from discovering the history through which we will navigate with our mobile.

In fact, and as you can see in the shared screenshots, the idea is that everything be a Very magical night full of mysteries and secrets. Tinder put on the batteries to bring this adventure and thus address half of the users who enter your app and those who call as Generation Z (that is, between 18 and 25 years old).

Every Sunday of October awaits you

Swipe Night in Tinder

This adventure called Swipe Night will quote you every Sunday in October from the application itself. That is to say, that from 6 in the afternoon until midnight, any Tinder user can fully engage in the adventure.

This story is led by a group of friends among which we can find actors such as Angela Wong Carbone of Chinatown Horror StoryJordan Christian Hearn of Inherent Vice and Shea Garbor, although we will be the leaders of the adventures.

In those turns of history, we will have nothing more than 7 seconds to decide the path where the story will go and the effects our decision will have. At the end of the day, critical decisions will appear on your profile so you can see what your potential matches are.

A story written by TV series writers

Big mouth

The story has been carried out by Nicole Delaney from Big Mouth, and that you can see on Netflix, and Brandon Zuck of Insecure on HBO. So we will fully engage in an interactive experience in streaming video to meet that new person who goes unnoticed in our lives for a few hours or days, that is our companion for years. Who knows, this is as Forrest Gump said, you never know what sees you waiting in that box of chocolates.

A "game" that comes out of those we usually comment on these lines, but that looks good for history and for everything what can happen when we have those turns script well added in our profile. We will have the best excuse to start a conversation and share our perspectives on that story that will be revealed, the first episode, on October 6.

A Tinder that takes advantage of the millions of users worldwide to put them fully in a game and thus mix them in a good cocktail. You can now install it to give yourself a chance and discover secrets and new friendships; although you can always pull Facebook.

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