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This is Death Stranding, the most anticipated video game of the year

The new title of the legendary Hideo Kojima poses an adventure that will take us on an inner journey; more than shots and action, a captivating experience Credit: GENTILEZA

A month before its launch (which was yesterday), we were able to use the gamepad and play Death Stranding, one of the most anticipated titles of the year. The anticipation with which the study gave the press the game has a reason: touring the vast map requires time and patience.

All this generates many expectations. Is that it is the new title of Hideo Kojima (author of the Metal Gear saga), an artist who prints a unique feature to his works, to the point that Death Stranding was difficult to catalog. Is it a shooting game? Of adventures? Of survival? What is the objective, what needs to be done? In the end, one wondered: what is Death Stranding?

Almost a movie

Actor Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl in the series The Walking Dead, comes from being a frustrated actor in the world of video games. He played the main character of what was going to be the new title of Silent Hill (whose director was Kojima with Guillermo del Toro), which was canceled. But Reedus dreams come true in Death Stranding: he is the protagonist, nothing less.

This is what Death Stranding looks like


The beginning of Death Stranding has the script, the photograph and the special effects of a movie. The entire introduction is enjoyed as if we were in a movie theater. The smooth movement of the camera, the credits and the landscape bear the Kojima seal: they are a work of art. That angered some players who complained in the forums about the inability to "make their way to the shots." Kojima's game is more philosophical and metaphorical, something difficult to see in large-scale action games.

What is it about

In a post-apocalyptic United States, our job is to transport loads. We can accept missions and when we deliver the cargo we will be rewarded. The game has a very pretentious physics and you have to accommodate the load on the back without losing your balance. If we carry many things we can walk more upright by pressing L2 and R2. We also carry a scanner that allows us to obtain data on loads scattered across the ground and our goals. Death Stranding has an unconventional, but very elaborate multiplayer mode. We share the world with other participants, we can observe the objects left and, if necessary, use them.

Several Hollywood stars embody the video game charactersSeveral Hollywood stars embody the video game characters Credit: GENTILEZA

In our journey we will find threats, but the game can be passed without using brute force, with stealth as an ally. When confrontation is inevitable and our cargo is in danger, we can use a weapon that immobilizes enemies. An emblematic, important and meta-African burden is the baby we transport, a link that narrows with time and is an opportunity to appreciate how life makes its way through so much chaos. A whole message.

In conclusion

Death Stranding, therefore, is more than just another video game. It is an experience, at times overwhelming, but that asks us to continue exploring.

In addition to Reedus, the title is full of Hollywood stars: Mads Mikkelsen, La Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner are some of those who play characters in this title. Whether for its beautiful landscapes, its soundtrack or for the history and experience, Death Stranding is a game that deserves to be dedicated for many hours. The wait does not disappoint at all.

The game is already on sale for PlayStation 4 at a value of $ 72, and will come next year for PC.


This is Death Stranding (t) the most anticipated video game of the year – LA NACION