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there are already 19,000 different devices with this operating system


Android and fragmentation: there are already 19,000 different devices with this operating system

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August 30, 2014

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We are used to seeing the evolution data of the fragmentation in Android with the statistics of Google on the percentages of users who use each of their updates, closely observing the small progress made by those of Mountain View to achieve a minimum of homogeneity, but to what extent is a substantial improvement possible with about 20,000 different devices?

The fragmentation of the Android device market in a chart

The data has been provided by the OpenSignal consultant: in 2014 they would have already seen the light 18,769 devices different and, in case anyone is curious to know the rate at which this figure has been growing and to which we can expect to continue doing so in the coming years, in August last year they were "only" 11,868 devices. That is, we not only had more than 10,000 devices Android in 2013, but in nothing more than a year its number has increased by about 60%. It is true that the market for tablets, undoubtedly responsible for much of this growth, begins to approach its ceiling, according to analysts, but if we consider the explosion of the sector of the smartwatch and the wearablesThere seems to be a new engine with huge growth potential to continue the expansion.

Android Fragmentation

Samsung's domain

Of course, not all of those almost 19,000 devices or their manufacturers are equally important and, as any tech and gadget fan knows, Samsung It is the company with the largest market share (43% according to these estimates), in addition, of course, having made an important contribution to that figure of the total number of devices with Android as an operating system, thanks to that strategy of launching endless variants to fill all possible market gaps. The graphics presented by this consultant are really interesting to represent both the incredible fragmentation of this market, and the predominance of Samsung smartphones.

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