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The Xiaomi Mi Note 3 will have a cheaper version


Appears a new Xiaomi Mi Note 3 more economical and with some changes

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November 21, 2017

xiaomi mi note 3 screen

Xiaomi has become one of the leading firms in the final stretch of this year. Facts such as exceeding their sales records, or preparing new terminals such as the Mi Pad 4, intend to place this Chinese technology as one of the most important in the world in the short term. However, as we have mentioned on other occasions, it will have to face a multitude of challenges among which the fierce competition that other companies inside and outside the Asian giant will offer.

To try to achieve this goal, it is following different strategies such as the launch of several additional versions of some of its star models. In the last hours more has been announced about the next My Note 3, which could arrive soon with some small changes and that will stand out for having a price reduction compared to the original device. Here we tell you more about the differences that will be related to its predecessor and what its possibilities may be.

What remains

The new terminal will retain features such as the diagonal of 5.5 inches with an FHD resolution, both 12 Mpx rear cameras, and the processor, a Snapdragon 660 that will reach maximum frequencies of 2.2 Ghz and that stands out for supporting lenses that reach up to 24 Mpx. The initial model had a starting price that ranged from $ 346, about 300 euros, for the most basic support, and about 370 for the upper one. The differences between the two materialized in the RAM.

xiaomi mi note 3 case

Xiaomi continues betting on the lower segments

As we said at the beginning, one of the most significant aspects of the new Mi Note 3, will be its price, which will remain at 300 dollars according to GSMArena, about 256 euros approximately. This will have consequences: The reduction of RAM, which will go from 6 GB of the initial model, to 4. The storage capacity will remain the same, in 64 GB. In addition, it will be available in a new bluish tone.

When and where?

Everything indicates that the terminal will be released very soon, the day 23. However, it seems that at first it will only stay in China. What do you think can be his career in the Asian giant taking advantage of the pull of Christmas shopping? Can it serve to boost the results of the Xiaomi in the final stretch of 2017 or not? We leave you available more related information such as, for example, the profits that you obtained on 11.11 so that you can give your opinion.