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The new update of Clash Royale is the most electrifying of all

Clash Royale is renewed with more cards, a new arena, chests, improvements in the challenges … It is falling: soon you will have access to the update.

Google has chosen the best games of the year highlighting them by categories. And which is in the top among the most competitive? Effectively: Clash Royale. This online multiplayer card-based game is a real win in all areas, including eSports. The world championship was recently held with a massive influx of spectators and players; championship that has given way to the Clash Royale renewal for 2018.

The next game update is already on the starting line to refresh the experience and competitiveness of Clash Royale. This is what Supercell assures: apart from offering different previous details on Reddit, the company has detailed everything that will arrive in a very short time. Well, it has not been so thorough, that it reserves notable surprises for when the update is available.

1 new arena, 2 new cards, 3 new chests …

The new update of Clash Royale is the most electrifying of all

It seems a succession of novelties, and so it is: Supercell has decided to extend the limits of Clash Royale starting with the sands and ending with the typical balance adjustment. Do you want to know all the news? Let's detail them one by one.

  • 1 new arena. It will be called Electro-Valle and will be accessible to those who reach 3400 trophies. The Legendary Arena will now be number 12; and increase your rewards accordingly.
  • 2 new cards. We also know what they will be called: Zappies and Hunter. The first will reveal a series of machines capable of lightning; the second is a hunter who deals great damage in a specific area.
  • 3 new chests. The names will be "Lightning Chest," "Fortune Chest" and "King's Chest." The latter will have a variant called "Chest of the Legendary King."
  • There will be new challenges and enhancers.
  • Other minor changes: the daily challenge will always be active, the epic and legendary cards will appear more frequently from 4000 trophies and we will have balance changes.

This new update should already be underway. It is not yet operational in the Google Play Store, but it will not take long. To update your copy of Clash Royale You just need to follow the notice that will appear on your mobile or click on the following link.