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the most interesting tablet offers


Black Friday at Phone House: the most interesting tablet deals

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November 23, 2017

Galaxy Tab S3 contextual menu S Pen

Although we had already advanced some pretty attractive discount, such as the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 for 170 euros that we highlighted yesterday, the bulk of the Phone House Black Friday tablet offers has seen the light today: we review the most interesting discounts offered to us in Android tablets, from Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo Y bq.

Offers on Samsung tablets

galaxy tab s2 black

We have already mentioned that we have in Phone House the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 by 170 eurosbut it is not the only tablet Samsung which is now discounted in its catalog right now, since, in the line that we have already seen in Amazon and other distributors, we can also buy here both the Galaxy Tab S2 as the Galaxy Tab S3 with quite important discounts: the first one can be bought by 340 euros and the second by 550 euros. The 4G model of the latter, by the way, also enters the promotion, although its price is somewhat less tempting (650 euros).

Offers on Huawei tablets

mid-range tablets

The news Huawei tablets they also have a leading role in the offers of Black friday from Phone House: the MediaPad T3 10 appears here also with a price of only 130 euros and the MediaPad M3 10 Lite from 230 euros, and we have to insist again that in both cases we face a very good opportunity, because Huawei tablets are usually found with good prices, but we have never seen them so cheap. For those looking for small tablets, we must note an offer that we have not yet seen in other distributors and that adds as an alternative to the rebates for Amazon Fire: the MediaPad T3 7 by 70 euros, a small price drop (usually found for 80-90 euros), but very appreciable thinking that we start from a very low figure.

Offers on bq tablets

bq tablets best alternatives

Tablets bq are being seen quite also in the offers of this Black friday, especially the Aquaris M10, and, indeed, here they are again present. Contrary to what we have seen in other sites, where only the HD model or only the Full HD has been lowered, here we can choose between any of the two, although it is true that they are not the most interesting that Phone House has left us today : the first one has stayed in 160 euros and the second in 190 euros.

Offers on Lenovo tablets

lenovo tab3 10 business

They have also entered a few Lenovo tablets Among the Phone House offers of tablets in this Black friday although, surprisingly, they have not focused on the models launched this year, as we have seen elsewhere, but on those of the previous generation. They are not the most updated, therefore, and it is something to take into account (there are technical specifications that do not change so much, but you can notice in processor and in the version of Android that they run), but on the good side, it is true that Prices are very low: the 10-inch tablet can be purchased for 110 euros and the 7-inch by 70 euros.