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The latest version of Android Q Beta

The next version of Android Q is currently in development with regular beta versions that appear for the first users.

The latest beta version

A new and interesting feature has been revealed in the way of detecting car accidents with your smartphone.

Android Q Beta 3 was launched last week during the Google I / O 2019 event.

Since then, the code has been deepened to see what's new, and a feature that is being tested takes the form of an application called "Security Center."

More research reveals

Google is trying to get Android devices to detect when a car accident has occurred, it is also set to be an exclusive Pixel function if it leaves the beta version.

This is confirmed by the application's declaration statement, which includes "PIXEL_EXPERIENCE" in the Android name field.

What is not clear

At this time it is how Google is getting a smartphone to specifically detect that a car accident has occurred.

What combination of sensor data could detect such a scenario with 100 percent accuracy?

Android Q could easily tell you when you are traveling in a vehicle based on GPS data and speed.

You could also easily detect an impact, a sudden stop or an unusual movement such as the phone being flipped. Gathering all that may be enough to detect an accident by experts.

What is the point of Safety Hub?

If Google can confidently detect a car accident, the application could be told to contact emergency services automatically.

In turn, Safety Hub would react faster than anyone in the accident, as well as those who come to their aid. In other words, if Google does well, it could save lives.