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Tesla present its electric pickup at the end of November

The time has come for Tesla to finally present his long-awaited electric pickup and to warm up Elon Musk, director of the company, publish a message through his official Twitter account where he calls the van a Cybertruck that seems straight out of the universe of Blade Runner.

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The road will be presented at Tesla's design studio in Los Angeles, California, next November 21. Musk originally planned to reveal the truck earlier this year, but announced in September that he was going to delay the event until this month.

On another occasion, the SpaceX CEO has also suggested that Tesla's next pickup truck has a design that paralyzes anyone, in addition to presents better utility of a Ford F-150 and that will have a superior performance to a basic Porsche 911.

Tesla has been wanting to make an electric truck for many years and over time Elon Musk has been making little mention of it. For example, that the van will accommodate six people, which Its initial cost will be 50,000 dollars and that offer between 650 and 750 kilometers of reach depending on the price of the model.

On the carcass and the exterior design of the car, the director of Tesla has decided to reserve the comments and we only have the mention of being a concept cyberpunk.

The decision to present the Cybertruck on November 21 is not free, as it will take place while the Auto Show takes place in Los Angeles where Ford is expected to present its Mustang-inspired SUV.

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