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T-Mobile announces initiatives to connect everyone with its 5G network

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The merger between T-Mobile and Sprint also seeks that the fifth generation of mobile phone technology, the 5G network, benefit more people than ever. In this sense, T-Mobile announced three ambitious plans to offer accessibility and connectivity to US consumers, through the New T-Mobile, the project that will display interesting initiatives from 2020. Below we explain what they are about and how they can benefit you.

Connecting Heroes

The first plan, with an investment of $ 7.7 billion dollars ($ 7.7 billion) is the initiative Connecting Heroes, or Connecting Heroes, which seeks to give 5G access at no cost (calls, texts and unlimited data) to members of emergency services in all public and non-profit organizations, at the state and local level, for 10 years.

Members of emergency services and the communities they serve should not have to choose between important work equipment or mobile phone services. Every day, these dedicated professionals see everything, fight against everything and help us all when we need them most. Therefore, those who are always willing to serve deserve much more, T-Mobile said through a statement.

Project 10Million

This plan translates into a program that seeks to offer free internet service, hotspots and appliances at a lower cost to 10 million homes throughout the country over a period of five years. T-Mobile indicated that the United States has 35 million homes with children, and of these, about 15 percent lack home internet service.

While education should be equal, students without connectivity are at a disadvantage when they cannot complete homework or communicate with their teachers and classmates, the operator said.

T-Mobile Connect

The last plan is a prepaid service, and according to the company, never seen before. It is aimed especially at low-income users in the United States, (including those in Puerto Rico), and only cost $ 15 per month, half the price of the cheapest T-Mobile plan.

Thanks to the benefits of bringing the proposed merger with Sprint, the New T-Mobile will be able to help customers who most need the service, but who have difficulty including it in their budgets, according to the telephone operator.

The mode give members unlimited calls and texts, plus 2 GB of high-speed data. Also, the plan will consider an increase of 500 MB of data per month, every year, over a period of five years.

5G, about to release

T-Mobile is ready to inaugurate its new national 5G network on December 6 in the United States, which will offer coverage to more than 200 million inhabitants and more than 5,000 cities and towns in the country.

Only the transformative 5G network of the New T-Mobile will finally have the capacity and scope to realize the ambitious innovations we announce, which attempt to resolve the inequalities that profoundly affect our society, said John Legere, executive director of T-Mobile.

If you are interested in knowing more about the development and deployment of the T-Mobile 5G network, we have prepared a complete guide with all the information you should know.

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