Cómo recuperar notificaciones Android

So you can retrieve closed notifications on Android

How to recover Android notifications

Recover notifications closed or lost It can be of great help when we have unintentionally canceled or made a gesture to a notification that really interested us. With the large number of apps that we have installed in our terminal, it is very easy that with so many notifications the finger goes to one side or another.

And so we will try to give you a great way to recover those forgotten notifications, lost or closed to have that system notice or any other notification of your interest. For this we are going to help you with a great app that has been updated in version 2.0. So let's do it.

Installing Unnotification in version 2.0

Unnotification is the app that will save us from that problem that could be the loss of a message in which we had something of interest. There may be several examples, but system messages can be an example. This app has been updated to version 2.0 And now it is compatible with more Android versions.


We talked about how you can use it with Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher. Not only stays in a wide support to a large number of devices, but it brings some extras that are more than welcome to help us in the feat of recovering the closed notifications.

In short, there is now an indexing of the notifications, see those notifications "off", re-activate them, possibility of backup notification history and delete the entire groups of notifications. The ability to reactivate notifications and delete groups of them, is available in Android 8.0 or higher.

Working with the app

The first thing that surprises in Unnotification is that we will have to give it access to the notification panel. Done this, The app will begin to create a very extensive portfolio of all the notifications that you have come to see in your terminal. This list can be cleaned automatically with a personalized periodicity by the same user, or simply by making a backup in the cloud to save them and nothing escapes us.

And that list is indexed means that we will be able to filter or search all that That we want in a heartbeat. It is an interesting novelty to do more with the control of a list of notifications that can be very extensive, so having it indexed comes in pearls to find everything we want.

Retrieve notifications

That's how we go to list each of the best functions of this app called Unnotification:

  • Search through notifications Any text in the notification. That is, both the name of the app, the title of the notification, what the text can contain and much more.
  • Find notifications of a specific date.
  • Find a category of notifications such as emails or system notifications.
  • Configure a program for automatic deletion of the daily, weekly and monthly log of all notifications.
  • Make a backup of your notifications.
  • Dark theme in order to get away with fear with the rest of the system.

From Android 8 we can do:

  • Watch "off" notifications manually by ourselves.

Of all the features, apart from the indexed texts of the notifications, we focus on the ability to search for notifications by a specific date or by the type of notifications. For example, we can search all emails received in one day, and thus forget the rest of notifications. Its ability to filter what we do not need is one of its biggest offers if we compare it to other apps like that.

Y Unnotification is a totally free app that only has a single payment, but for those who want to reward the great work done by the developer. In this case Nasah Apps. An app that allows you to recover lost or closed notifications unintentionally and thus find what you need. You have it available in version 2.0 from now.

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