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Several free games for Android for a limited time offer

If you do not have the slightest intention of leaving home these days and you are looking for how to have fun quietly without going cold, one of the options you should not miss is to get new content for your terminal Android. And, of course, the games They are a fundamental element for this task. We show several options free on offer That you should miss us

All the developments that we have chosen are in promotion in the Play Store, which is the official Google and which, in addition, is the most used by users. The fact is that the free Android games we are talking about have many virtues, including the wide compatibility they offer and, in addition, how simple and safe it is to get them. Therefore, there is no doubt in trying all we propose to see if any fit what you like.

Android game Hunter Rush

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List of free Android games we recommend this week

We leave below all links necessary for you to get the titles that we believe are worthwhile right now from those that are on promotion and, therefore, that we recommend. By the way, it should not take long since the offers are available only Limited Time So you must be fast!

Chess 3D Animation

If you like chess this is the option that fits you this week. A development with a good AI to play locally, but ideally take advantage of the online mode it offers. With graphics representing even soldiers, the truth is that the attractiveness of this work is high.

Chess 3D Animation: Real Battle Chess 3D Online

Chess 3D Animation: Real Battle Chess 3D Online

Superhero Fruit 2 Premium

Battle, skills and many enemies. These are the condiments of this free Android game that offers users to immerse themselves in a world in which action and role are mixed equally. Funny graphics and different themes than usual make it necessary, at least, to try this title.

Superhero Fruit 2 Premium: Robot Fighting

Superhero Fruit 2 Premium: Robot Fighting

Noble: Mage?s Adventure

Your nation is busy and you have to rid it of the evils that have managed to end almost all of its population. This is the basis for this role play to be an attractive option for those who have in this type of development as one of the best ways to hang out. You should not miss this free Android game with good graphics.

Noble VIP: Mage's Adventure

Noble VIP: Mage's Adventure

Superhero War: Robot Fight

If you do not want to think the least when it comes to having fun with your Android terminal, this is the game you have to download. An action development that puts you at the controls of a robot with which you must kill all those who appear on the screen and that, obviously, has the mission of erasing you from the map. Simple, direct and fun.