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Red Cross and Vodafone team up to innovate Mobile Telecare

After an alliance between the Red Cross and Vodafone Spain, from now on the users of the aforementioned telephone operator will have the possibility of making compatible the use of their particular mobile line and their smartphone with the Red Cross Mobile Telecare, a service that the humanitarian institution has been providing for 25 years and which is aimed at older people, with some disability or chronic disease who make solo trips and need an accompaniment (through a mobile terminal) in anticipation of risk situation.

And it is that through Red Cross Mobile Telecare for which in addition to a telephone line, it is necessary to use specific communications and computer equipment – these people have at their disposal the request for help in a health or social emergency situation, for 24 hours a day and anywhere, with the only gesture of pressing a button.

This service is available for all Smartphones with Android version 4.2 or higher of the Vodafone portfolio.

The data has been provided by sources of Vodafone, explaining that for this new coalition between the two organizations -which arises, then, Mobile Telecare of the Red Cross with Vodafone Smartphone- an innovative technological solution has been put together, which gives them more autonomous and security and tranquility not only to users, but also to their relatives, given the exact location of the GPS and the operator's network.

Red Cross Mobile Assistance with Vodafone Smartphone is managed by the Red Cross, which has extensive experience and is a benchmark of quality and brand in this sector. For its part, Vodafone is the first operator to facilitate this service in the Spanish market.

Regarding how this service is going, it was also known that the person must have a Vodafone contract line, a Vodafone Smartphone and the installation of the Telecare app, which is personally done by the Red Cross.

The user, if necessary, press and hold the red cross that appears on the mobile screen generating a free call to the Red Cross. Through this so-called Red Cross see the exact location of the user (thanks to the GPS technology and the Vodafone network) and its file: name, surname, age, address, diseases if any, etc., thus proceeding immediately to the attention of user and deploying the necessary means according to their need, the informants have illustrated, also pointing out that the service is available both for new Clients and for all Clients of contract with Vodafone data rates for a cost of 22 euros per month to be billed for the Red Cross.

Vodafone, for its part, invoice the cost associated with the rate that the Client has contracted. The calls and SMS that are issued to the Red Cross in case of attention, will be free, highlighted those of the operator, adding that to clear doubts or more information, interested persons can communicate through 123 or the number of Cruz's telephone attention Red 902222292, as well as visit the websites, or the Vodafone stores.

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