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Rebel Inc. is a great political / social strategy game for your mobile


Rebel Inc. is the new game from the creator of Plague Inc, that strategy simulator in which we had to create the deadliest virus to end life on this planet. This time it puts us in the face of stopping the insurgency in a political / military strategy simulator as there is none.

And not only must we stop the insurgency, but we can also become it to try to turn the power of the country in which we achieve international support. A game that will put you in the role of many world leaders who see themselves between a rock and a hard place to maintain their leadership or leave for parts of their country when they are overthrown.

A different and unique game

Although it has some similarities in game mechanics with Plague Inc., logical knowing who is coming from, Rebel Inc. is a unique simulator of its kind. And it is that we can feel in our own flesh how the insurgency begins to be done with different provinces and how we are discovering that there is a neighbor, as well as some superpower, who is helping out to take us from power.

Rebel Inc. simulator

We will have in our hand different ways to eradicate them. Apart from using brute force, such as the army and other a little dirtier roads, it is important that we invest in improving the country's services and infrastructure at all levels. At all levels we talk about improving sanitation, investing in industry, conditioning roads or creating universities when asked.


So you can get a better idea of ??what awaits you when you play the first game at Rebel Inc. A title in which it is mandatory to go through the tutorial to take the first steps and thus undertake the first games that, even at the lowest and casual level, make things very difficult for us.

Rebel Inc. is amazing

The degree of realism that the creator of Rebel Inc. has achieved is simply incredible. Many times we don't even imagine for everything a leader can go through or a political party when it has to take the reins of a country. Rebel Inc. will show both that most visible side of the power and government of a country and that darker side on which the frames are created.


In total we will have 5 regions to stabilize, all kinds of counterinsurgency tactics, financing realistic initiatives to ensure local government, personalized narrative algorithms as the game progresses and we make decisions, 6 unique governors with different skills and what a very detailed world to generate the feeling that we are really to the power of a country from any part of the planet.


To stop the insurgency we must use the military, although if we use international aid, the locals can get angry if we use force. While if we use national soldiers, and they take their time to be created, we can give rise to the insurgency taking over several provinces and make things difficult for us. Especially when in order to eliminate it we have to cover all the adjacent provinces until we enclose them.

Like life itself

Rebel Inc. has a very innovative and out-of-game appearance is to teach you the power in the shadow of what it means to lead a country and defend it from international forces as well as from that insurgency. Not only this, but we will also take the role of liberators to discover how a country can defend itself using brute force with the military.


Technically it is a very well worked game that is capable of show a lot of details on the map. As the safest areas are generated according to the color, the movement of troops and how the insurgents move to other provinces, the construction of roads or some details of how citizens move in their vehicles. All this gives a great realism so that we turn to play before a great game for Android that stands as one of the best of 2019 without any doubt.


Ndemic Creations has managed to launch another great strategy simulator called Rebel Inc. and that puts you in the face of being part of the insurgency or be that dictator who wants to keep his power as it is; At a time like the current one with Venezuela, it is a very revealing and even too real game. A great launch to Android to have it for free, although for 2.29 euros you will have the premium version