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Pocket Casts becomes totally free

Pocket Cast - Android Apps Dark Mode

Spotiy is betting heavily on podcasts with the acquisition in the last year of two independent podcast platforms. The reason is none other than to obtain a different income path that does not depend exclusively on music and royalties.

But he is not the only one who sees how podcasts have become an increasingly popular communication format among many users. Google has the Google Podcast applications. But it is not the only important sector where Pocket Casts also has an important community behind.

The association of American radio stations last year bought Pocket Casts, in order to expand the number of people to reach. Fruit of this purchase, the application has become completely free.

You may think that this is a cut of its functions, but nothing is further from reality. The version that we can currently find in the Play Store is the same that we could buy for 4.49 euros.

All the functions that were previously in the paid application are also in the current application. Being a paid application, it was a handicap for many podcast-loving users, since there are completely free applications with almost the same functions.

The monetization method that Pocket Casts has adopted is the subscription to Pocket Casts Plus, a service that offers us 10 GB of cloud storage where we can upload audio files before publication, audio notes any other type of file that will be available on all operating systems where the application is available.

The price of this subscription is 11 euros per year or 1.09 euros per month. This change is focused on obtaining money from podcast producers, who are really interested in advertising their products.

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