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Mini photo printer that does not use ink

Halfway through the year and at a cost of around 110 euros, Polaroid Zip will be available – new mobile mini photo printer 5 × 8 – equipped with Bluetooth and NFC technologies, dimensions of 7,412 cm, weight of 186 grams and rechargeable lithium battery with capacity of up to 25 snapshots.

Among other features of this terminal that only displays a physical ignition button – and can be transported in a pocket, it is worth mentioning that it is running without ink or tner cartridges, because it has Zero Ink technology present in ZINK Paper, elaborated paper with cyan, yellow and magenta ink crystals that are activated by the heat emitted by the mini printer to result in long-lasting and stain-proof images.

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<p>It is worth noting that this new proposal from the US capable of allowing the user to print their photos from their smartphone or tablet wirelessly and instantly, is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, to which adding a free application developed for the Polaroid Zip – the user can get a range of creative filters, effects and controls, as well as various functions to improve their impressions.</p>
<p>In that sense, it should be noted that the application for this issue of Polaroid gives the option of Vista Secret to print the original photo with an individual QR code that when scanned reveal the final image with their respective accessories and creative effects. And among other functions, there is a business card creator equipped with several templates so that the user only adds some images and their personal information.</p>
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