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Mega Man games at half price: take advantage of the offer

The restored Mega Man classics for Android are now on sale: Capcom downgrades the entire collection by 50%. Now is the best opportunity to enjoy with those jewels.

Video game classics end up landing on smartphones to the glory and delight of those of us who live the golden age of consoles and recreational ones. In this way, conversions are used, nostalgia is revitalized and, incidentally, the developers unveil the classics to the younger audience. So Capcom decided to do it with the entire Mega Man saga.

The 6 Mega Man games, a classic platform that has been waging war since 1987, are available on Android for a few months. They were not badly priced despite being old games: 1.99 euros per unit. Of course, the set amounted to almost 12 euros, so the current discount is excellent news: All Mega Man games are on sale at half the price.

Get all Mega Man games for Android at ? 0.99 each

Mega Man for Android

They continue to maintain a considerable price if you decide to acquire the entire collection, but they are games with a remarkable extension for each one with the guarantee of being complete games, adapted and always maintaining the original essence. On-screen control is not entirely accurate, it is one of its main drawbacks.

Capcom has downgraded the entire Mega Man collection. From the original title to the sixth generation: you can acquire each one at 50% of its original price, for 0.99 euros. The offer will have a limited duration, so it is worth taking advantage of. And if you don't want to buy all the games you can always choose the ones you like best. Or purchase the first one to see if the conversion meets your expectations …

These are all the titles of Mega Man for Android You can buy on sale and for 99 cents.