Sebastian Jimenez

Mass Effect has "so many stories to tell" – BioWare

Favorite series in the Citadel.

Mass Effect: Andrmeda It was a step back for the beloved BioWare role-playing franchise, with its mixed critical reception and disappointing sales that resulted in EA being the series. Andrmeda The DLC was canceled and the series in s was temporarily put on ice, but BioWare has made it clear that Massive effect An has a future.

The study has talked about their eventual return a few times, and they have ideas going around where they can take the series in the future. Recently, on N7 Day, general manager of BioWare and Massive effect The creator Casey Hudson went to Twitter to share what until now had not been seen or used. Massive effect Concept art, saying that BioWare has "so many ideas of things we want to do in Mass Effect " and that the series still has "so many stories to tell."

Probably a long time before we see another Massive effect game, with BioWare currently focused on Dragon Age 4. The fantasy RPG is currently in preproduction, and although not available until at least 2022, BioWare may Get ready to share some news soon.