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many users have trouble connecting

Once again it seems that WhatsApp servers have had more account requests and have collapsed again, making it impossible for thousands of users to use in many countries.

In Spain we are among those affected although it seems that most of the problems are having them in Central Europe.

The big cities, most affected

As usual, the greatest number of incidents is taking place in large cities, which is where there are more users. In Spain we see on the map that Barcelona Y Madrid They are the places where the greatest number of falls are seen.

In other cities we have verified that the service is extremely slow but that the messages continue to arrive. Of course, they are populations with fewer users.

Service on the east coast of the United States has also been affected, in cities like New York, and in Latin America, especially in Brazil.

How to know if it affects me

You can know if you are among those affected because when you try to send a message to any contact instead of appearing more or less quickly the first check, which means that it has been delivered to the server, the clock will be shown for a while, which means that still That message has not been sent from our phone.

WhatsApp is down, it fails within a few hours of the New Year and messages don't arrive

How to know when service is restored

When the messages arrive we will know that the service has been restored but we can also see the status of the servers in our application. We are going to:

  • Options -> Settings -> Help -> Contact us

If you get the message indicating that there are problems we will have to wait for WhatsApp engineers to solve it, something that they surely do in a few hours, and when so we will update the article to tell you.


After more than half an hour with incidents it seems that the service is gradually being restored, at least in Spain.