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Many guides at 80 in the endless runner Top Run: Retro Pixel

Top Run: Retro Pixel Adventure is a new game for Android in which we can find many winks to the 80s and that peculiar and even quirky aspect of fashion. An endless runner in which you'll have to deal with iconic characters from that era.

We say iconic characters to those most related to those years in which the gyms the tape in the hair was indispensable or those meshes with those so "kitch" hairstyles. A free title to have a good time vitiating an entire arcade that has a lot to give.

A game to laugh at you

Top Run: Retro Pixel Adventure has a very funny tone in which you will have to use your super powers and those of those who accompany you, since you will have a very doggy friend and some colleague than another with whom to get rid of those enemies that will come out in your search.

Top Run Endless Runner

A game that does not lack larger enemies and that touch pixel art that leads us directly to be playing on a screen that looks more like a recreational machine. There are already some games that are deciding on that special filter that will get someone you get a tear than another remembering old times.


Top Run: Retro Pixel Adventure allows us at the beginning of the game to choose how we want to handle our ochontero hero with his dog as a companion. And the controls are quite simple without much to say. We can choose to use gestures up or down to change the level that our hero is going, just like we can fire our weapon at any moment by pressing on the right side of the screen.

An endless runner from the 80s with Top Run: Retro Pixel Adventure

We also have the double jump to avoid crashing with some of the quirky characters of this title. Nor should we let their projectiles impact our hero, since the game will end at that moment. We will practically have fun avoiding those eighties characters, although we will also have some special skills.

Top Run Skins

Those are to a colleague who has super powers and those elements that appear in some parts so that we take great speed and can regret everything that is put before us. Do not forget either go picking up pixels to improve our skills and gain more power.


In total we have more than 100 missions and we can update our amazing room of the 80s; just like some of Stranger Things and that are as iconic of those 80s movies as Explorers, The Goonies and many more. There is also a lot of skins from 80s movies as well as animated series.

Many winks at 80

We are facing a game that makes many winks at 80 at many times. And he does everything with a great visual show in which we will find many explosions, Kill Bill moments showing the new enemies and what it would be like to play at 60 FPS. Another of its virtues is that you do not need to play offline, so it is a game that brings many details with it.

Room 80

Technically it is left over to give us what we want when we know that we are facing an eight-themed game. A good character design, very visual effects of the time and all those winks, among which not missing a very "pop" music. In short, a title to roll back and enjoy the madness that this game is in itself; It even has cheats so we can have infinite lives and such …


Top Run: Retro Pixel Adventure is a pretty quality game and that, although it is an endless runner more, the great work carried out to get us fully into the 80s is what saves him from being another. You have it for free from the Google Play Store so you have Back to the Future and other movies on your mobile.

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Top Run: Retro Pixel