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Kobolds and Catacombs is now available to play

About a month ago Blizzard presented the new expansion of HearthStone, Kobolds and Catacombs, which would be put into operation in early December.

Today was the day chosen by the company to activate it in Europe and the players of this continent can already access both the new cards and the way of a player called Dungeons. And it is really fun.

We will also have multiple gifts simply by connecting and playing, including one of the nine legendary weapons the game will give.

A very attractive new game mode

HearthStone: Kobolds and Catacombs is now available to play

Although in all the expansions we have some novelty in addition to the new cards in this case it seems that it will be more special than normal.

The news Dungeons they are a game system in which we will face the machine with game cards but we don't have to have ownership. That is, we can use any wild card format (which includes all those created for the game).

In them we will have to beat eight of the bosses created expressly for this mode. The first four levels are affordable but from the fifth the thing gets complicated. If we manage to beat the eight with all classes we will have a single card back.

HearthStone: Kobolds and Catacombs is now available to play

As we move forward we will create our own deck with effects that can only be seen here. We have to select both the cards we choose and the effects, so that they have synergies.

A free legendary weapon and many envelopes

A free legendary weapon and many envelopes

When we connect for the first time we will have a free legendary weapon so we can try the new mechanics. In addition we will be given several envelopes of letters.

If we win 5 bosses in the dungeon they will give us an extra envelope and if we beat 10, even if they are not consecutively, they will give us another. And you know that when a new expansion is launched we have guaranteed at least one legendary card. Shortly after you have the envelopes they give you and some gold you will have two new legendary ones, the one with the 10 envelopes and the free weapon.