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iPad Mini vs Nexus 7, the true comparison they didn't tell you

As you well know, yesterday the new iPad Mini was introduced, a device whose existence was known for months but that needed to be shaped (and prices). At first we were going to resist comparing this new device with our beloved Nexus 7, but since Apple did it so brazenly and erroneously, we are going to help them finish the comparison.

An improper presentation of Apple

Mind you, let's not begin to call ourselves fanboys and the like. As much as I like Android, one thing was clear, Apple presentations were the best from far. The tone, the speech, the setting. There was no doubt, Apple was the king. But today I was speechless when Apple has taken a blatant way to compare the iPad Mini with the Nexus 7.

Interestingly, Apple users always complain that we compare our phones with the iPhone. And now, Apple spends half a conference comparing in a very mean way, slide by slide, the new iPad Mini with the Nexus 7. In my opinion it is very low. As if that were not enough, logically, the comparison has not been completely complete or real. For example, on several occasions, Apple has compared how good some applications looked on the iPad Mini compared to the Nexus 7

Interestingly, the comparison has been made with an application optimized for iPad and an application that does not support Android tablets. Very mean. Why don't they compare what the Google Drive app or the Google + app looks like? Or for example, why don't you compare how the Google Maps application looks?

And put to compare screens, that if mine bigger, finer, with a more optimized look, why don't we compare all the details. For example

  • that The resolution of the Nexus 7 is 1290 × 800 HD vs. 1024 × 768 iPad Mini
  • that The processor of the Nexus 7 is Quad-core Tegra 3 versus the Dual-core iPad Mini
  • that the price of the Nexus 7 is $ 250 (and more than likely to fall to $ 199) versus $ 329 of the iPad Mini

Surely, because all these comparatives do not interest. Surely you have not been told that lThe only sections in which the iPad Mini is better that the Nexus 7 is in that weighs 38 grams less (it shows in your pocket) and it is 3 millimeters thinner (worth it).

I leave you with a mini table so you can see for yourself the differences:

Nexus 7 iPad Mini
System Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean iOS 6
screen 7 ?? 1280 × 800 HD (216 ppi) 7.85 ?? 1024 × 768
Processor Quad-Core Tegra 3 at 1.5 GHz Dual-Core at 1 GHz A5
Storage 8/16 GB (future 32GB) 16/32/64 GB
Camera 1.2 Mpx 5 Mpx / Front
Drums 4325 mAh (8 h) 10 hours
Weight 340 gr 308 gr
Size 198.5x120x10.45 mm 7.2mm thin
Others NFC
Price 16 GB ($ 249) (possible downgrade) 16GB ($ 329) 32GB ($ 429) 64GB ($ 529)

Apple, where I said I say I say Diego

?The reason we (won?t) make a 7-inch tablet isn?t because we don?t want to hit (a lower) price point,? Jobs said. ?It?s because we think the screen is too small to express the software. As a software driven company, we think about the software strategies first. ?

Steve Jobs

Or translated into Spanish:

"The reason we will not make a 7-inch tablet It is not because we do not want to reach a sale price (lower). It is because we think the screen is too small to express the software. As a software-driven company, we always think of software strategies before. ?

Interestingly, yesterday was the iPad Mini 7, 9 inches. And this is a more important fact than it seems. Before Apple dictated the direction the market was taking and marked our needs. That you thought a tablet was useless, Apple introduced the iPad and everyone needed one in their life. That you thought a 4-inch screen was better, Apple said that 3.5 inches were ideal and everyone complied.

No longer. Now it's the people who decide, and Apple who adapts. Now the market dictates that larger screens are better and Apple takes out the iPhone 5 with a 4 ?screen. And now that the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire are a bestseller, oddly, Apple seems like an iPad mini. Apple is moving from being at the forefront of technological innovations to being dragged along, being forced to take out items that it had previously rejected.

That said, iPad Mini is not a bad tablet, far from it. And it will sell a lot. Of course, what we do not like is that they are made bad comparisonscrawlers, and don't tell the whole truth. A separate issue is that for a cheaper price you find the Nexus 7, a more powerful and higher resolution tablet. In any case, you are the ones with the last word. Which one do you prefer, the iPad Mini or the Nexus 7?

Images via TheVerge and Technobuffalo