Maria Montero

Instagram test the likes of the United States, which could harm influencers

"We will make decisions that harm the business if they help the well-being and health of people," says Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri. To that end, next week, Instagram will expand its test of hiding everyone's accounts except a creator of posts to some users in the United States. But there are important questions about whether the change will give influencers.

Mosseri revealed the plan at the Wired25 conference today, saying Instagram "We we have to see how it affects how people feel about the platform, how it affects how they use the platform, how it affects the creative ecosystem. "

CEo of Instagram explained that "The idea is to try to depressurize Instagram, make it less competitive and give people more space to concentrate on connecting with the people they love and the things that inspire them. The intention is "Reduce anxiety" and "reduce social comparison."

Instagram started testing this in April in Canada and expanded it to Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand in July. Facebook started a similar experiment in Australia in September.

While it seems likely that making Instagram less of a popularity contest could help the average user, Instagram should keep in mind that it does not significantly decrease the commitment and commercial success of the creators or influencers. These content creators are vital to the success of Instagram, as they keep their fan bases coming back day after day, even if users' friends are becoming obsolete.

A new study by HypeAuditor reported by Social Media Today found that the influencers on the count levels of followers almost unanimously saw their likes count drop in passes where the hidden likes count test was active. I like them fell from 3% to 15% in all countries for influencers with 5,000 to 20,000 followers.

Only in Japan, and only for influential people with 1,000 to 5,000 or 100,000 to 1 million followers, the change led to a 6% increase in likes. Meanwhile, the influencers saw the biggest loss of likes in the Brazilian market. These trends may relate to how users in certain countries may feel more comfortable. I like something if they do not know what it is, while in other nations users can rely on a more mentality to know what they like.

If Instagram believes that the impact of the test is too negative for influencers, it may not implement the change. While Mosseri claimed that the company was not afraid of harming its own end result, hurting the influencers' careers may not be acceptable unless the positive impacts on well-being are significant enough. = 68.ARCnhigtpUX2ohjQeN9KIlum_5cxn4DOJYlqFOXPwWo4ndBn7QBKOYXIv8ulLQY2jz2qYbkJxzVzGI-uyPS5oQ5wpoDbDRsM9Rj2qzemd1YriP7AScwpYoE6oozTUowaSTEqqsP5EciyVLvpbSgtIysbCzILMmnyr-0mIq7v-6dKuk3SlRiYTXU7R3dUXCcQfktwP41b7QN4JVagnHrfWg2Ag5xAkvmcdJw7z01CmGmTzp_2D_bVpZHJw73r0S9KvYOW6emyrrZAu61r4u5ZDjKf8yw8vHyKWWFT9mz5dS9oUC8uCpDBpL2CKDg3MzLOgGoRJtXtTtGCAF_dt40Ewr4C andTennessee= -R