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Indie games on sale with the new Humble Mobile Bundle

The Humble Mobile Bundle that is currently active offers you a large collection of indie games at the price you decide. And you can choose what part of the money goes to social aid …

There is a proper name when we match offers in games with the payment of the price we prefer: Humble Bundle. This collection of titles that is being renewed frequently offers high quality games at a much lower price than the original. With multiple advantages: decide if you want to pay more or less, receive extras in return and allocate the amounts you want to developers and charities.

Do you want to download the latest games that are available in the Humble Mobile Bundle? This time we have very good indie titles that, as usual, you can get depending on what you pay. And the collection you get with just over $ 5 is spectacular.

Framed 2, premium version of Alto?s Adventure, Tower Dwellers?

The indie games that you can find in the latest Humble Bundle for Android are of the highest quality and originality. The set price widely exceeds 20 euros, so the rebate is worth it. To which we must add the advantages in social work, a determining point.

As usual, depending on what you pay you will get some games or others. The price goes according to the section:

  • With more than 1 dollar: you get 3 games and the unlock of the premium version of Alto?s Adventure. The rest of the titles are: Invert – Tile Flipping Puzzles, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP and Pug?s Quest.

Indie games on sale with the new Humble Mobile Bundle

  • Pay more than average: This amount is variable since it depends on what all buyers pay (currently it is at $ 4.53). If you cross the barrier you get: Vignettes, Shooting Stars !, Tower Dwellers and Caterzillar.

Indie games on sale with the new Humble Mobile Bundle

  • Pay more than 5 dollars: if you exceed the monetary barrier you take, in addition to all the previous ones (as long as the average price does not exceed your amount), these indie games: FRAMED 2, The Bug Butcher and Snowball.

Indie games on sale with the new Humble Mobile Bundle

In addition to this collection with 11 indie games, if you pay more than 5 dollars you get the soundtrack of some of the games. And surely more titles: Humble Bundle usually adds games as the days go by; games you also get if you paid the stipulated amount.

Do you want to buy this collection and, incidentally, collaborate with social assistance organizations? You just have to go to Humble Mobile Bundle through the following link to their website: get ready for hours of fun with your Android.