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Incredible open role game and spectacular graphics: Portal Knights

Get ready to play one of the most spectacular titles on your mobile: Portal Knights. Amazing graphics for a world open to your curiosity.

Knights Portal It is a multiplatform game that finally lands on Android to bring mobile users all the magic of a big screen title. So I could rate it: big huge. Combine different game styles to create an experience that is not usually seen on smartphones. Of course, at a price. And not only for the 5 and a half euros it costs …

Portal Knights is a game with a great graphic load, with what this implies. Detailed world, impressive light effects, scenarios that are created randomly with all the exploration elements ready for you to discover … And beware, because it is also multiplayer. Too bad it's not online and limit yourself to local multiplayer.

An amazing open role game of spectacular graphics: Portal Knights

What is Portal Knights about? It is a kind of role-playing game with some inspiration in Minecraft that offers randomly created sandbox worlds. This means that no two games are the same since your mobile will take care of making it exclusive; with a gaming experience as wide as it is varied. Do you give it a try?

Make your own adventure and your own hero

An amazing open role game of spectacular graphics: Portal Knights

Portal Knights has everything you need to enjoy a good time with your smartphone. The game keeps some withdrawal to Minecraft, but also to RPG games with 3D graphics. Inherit from them the way of combat: direct and using different weapons. Cracking is also important: we can create different elements as we collect them.

We can play in local multiplayer with games of up to 4 components. The stage where we will land is detailed with profusion and color even if the base is blocks: as you do not have a mobile with a certain power you won't be able to play Portal Knights as it deserves. The extent of the world will also vary: we can choose between condensate and broad. In both it will be difficult to visit it completely, especially considering that there are also portals.

An amazing open role game of spectacular graphics: Portal Knights

In addition to exploring, combining elements and collaborating with our connected friends, we will also have to fight enemies (with final bosses) and help characters integrated into the worlds. Miner, find the pieces to fix a portal, talk to villagers … At this point the RPG style is noted, also at the beginning of each game: we must create the character as we wish; Assigning a name, of course.

An amazing open role game of spectacular graphics: Portal Knights

The games can be made as long as you want. And without anything clouding the experience: Portal Knights has no ads or in-app purchases, you acquire the complete game. It currently has a cost of 5.49 euros, a price more than adjusted for what it offers: it is impressive in every way.

A game that needs resources to function properly

Before acquiring it you must take it into account: you need a powerful mobile so that Portal Knights works smoothly. The graphic level demands it: for the detail of the textures, for the elements on the screen, for the extension of the mappings, the hardware requirements when creating those open worlds? As you have a smartphone to the last this game you You will love it.

You can download Knights Portal From now on just go to the Google Play Store. You only need to pay 5.49 euros, a cost that you will know shortly once you try the immensity of this game. It is very worth it.