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How to make screenshots on brands on Android

Google Pixel 2 size screen

Screenshots are a common tool in Android. In the usual way we do some, either to save some information that is on the screen, to share what is in it with someone or for work. All the phones in the operating system allow us to make captures, also watches with Wear OS. Although the way it is done can change from one model to another.

Since even from one model to another it is different. But then we show you the ways in which captures can be taken Android screen. So we mentioned several brands, so if you just bought a phone, you know how to do this.

Official way

Although the screenshots have been on Android for quite some time, the way to do them has not changed much. While you can change from one brand to another, as with the restart, there are usually a couple of ways that are official. The most common in this case is press the power button and the volume down button at the same time. Although this may change depending on the manufacturer.

Since there are other combinations available in this regard, always pressing a couple of keys. Surely, if you have had phones of different brands, you may have noticed that the way to make captures is different. In this regard, there are other options.:

  1. Press the Power and Start buttons
  2. Press the Start and Volume up buttons
  3. Use the Power and Volume up buttons
  4. Press the Start and Volume down buttons

Quick settings

Another very common method, which is available on a large part of Android phones, is to make use of quick settings. To do this, display the top bar of the screen, sliding your finger from top to bottom on it. The quick settings panel will exit. One of the icons that usually appears on many phones is the screenshot. Therefore, simply click on it to make this screenshot.

Google Assistant and other applications


The third possible way in this regard is to use Google Assistant. Users can ask the assistant on our Android phone to take a screenshot. It is not the fastest method, but it works quite well in this regard. You have to run the application on the phone and then ask it to do so. Either through a voice command or using the Share screenshot option in the wizard application.

Within this section, we also have other options in the form of an application. Especially if you want to make long screenshots on Android, which is not an option that we have on the phone natively. In this sense, you can consult this application that Francisco told you about.

Samsung screenshots

For users with a Samsung phone, the way to make screenshots is the most varied. Because the Korean brand is the brand on Android that uses more methods for it. In addition to vary between models. The classic way is present, pressing at the same time on start and power keys.

Samsung logo

For users who have somewhat older Samsung models, the method could be different. In this case you could use the Combination On and Volume down to get that capture on the phone. Finally, a third method that is available in some models of the firm, is to slide the edge of the hand from the right side, as if you were sweeping the screen. It is another method, although it has to be configured in the settings.

Screenshots in Nokia

There are no surprises in this regard, if you want to make a screenshot in Nokia, you have to press the Power buttons and volume down. Since the brand uses Android One on their phones.

Screenshots in LG

Korean brand has opted for the method of pressing On and Volume down for your screenshots. Although on some LG phones, the power button is on the back, and not on the side of the phone.

Screenshots in Huawei

Huawei logo

On Huawei phones there are two methods to make screenshots. In addition to the classic on Android, pressing the Power and Volume down buttons, there is another way. It's about playing twice with the knuckles on the screen. As if you knocked on the door on the phone.

Screenshots in Xiaomi

Xiaomi makes use of the standard method in Android for screenshots, therefore, you have to press on On and Volume down.