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How to download a previous registration application on Android

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Typically, when a popular application or game prepares to reach Google Play, the previous registration of the same opens. It is a strategy that many developers are currently following on Android. In fact, many of the games that we can expect in this 2019 are already in previous registration.

When a game or application is in previous registration, it means that it will be able to be officially downloaded shortly. Although the reality is that users on Android do not have to wait for it. Is there any way to download said game or application on your phone. So I'm sure there is one of you interested.

Often, when an application is pre-registered for some users, it is usual that it has been launched in other markets. Currently, many developers are betting on the so-called soft launch when launching their game or application. This means that the application in question is launched first in a few markets, while the rest have to wait. But this means that there are already users who can download it to their Android phone.

APK Android

This is a method with which you can test that an application works optimally on Android. But that assumes that the APK of the application in question is already on the Google Play servers. So there may be a way to access it without too much trouble. Interested in knowing how to download it?

Get the application in previous registration

Do not forget that an app in previous registration in Google Play already has its own ID, which you can always see in the URL if you go to it from the browser. This is something that we have to take into account if we want to get an application that is in this previous record. This is a simple trick, which works in most cases. Although there is no 100% guaranteed success, it may work on many apps. As long as the APK is already available.

The first step to follow is to enter the previous registration page of said application, using the browser. Then, you have to copy the URL of that app, the page address. In it we find the ID of the app in question. Once this is done, the next step is to enter a web page called APK Pure, which you can visit in this link.

Download APK on Android

In this web page we have to enter the URL that we have copied in Google Play. We click on the accept button and the web will also ask us for a captcha, before we can continue with the process. What happens next is that the web will download this application that is in previous registration for Android. They may even have it already in their files, so they will direct you to the location where you can download.

If the app is not available, the web will show an error message, in which they say that said APK cannot be downloaded in this case. Although, if this message comes out, it is good that we try to change the web server. The web uses the United States by default, although there are Other countries we can choose, such as Japan or Canada. These markets are usually the first to receive apps for Android in the so-called soft launch. So they are likely to have it available.

In this way, with these steps, in case you can't wait for the launch of an app on Google Play, you will be able to download it on your Android phone. It is something that works in many cases. Therefore, it may be worth trying this method on occasion with an app or game that you have been waiting for a long time. Have you tried this method on any occasion?

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