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How to avoid falling into scams or viruses on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is currently one of the main means by which expand all kinds of hoaxes, scams and fake news. This is something that from the application itself they know. Therefore, they have been introducing measures for some time, such as limiting the forwarding of messages that will arrive soon. Although in many cases, we can recognize ourselves if it is a scam or trying to strain a virus on the phone.

Since in most cases, these scams that are expanded by WhatsApp, have many aspects in common. Therefore, we can recognize if we pay attention to some aspects. You have probably received some of these messages in the past, and you can know well whether or not it is reliable.

Google launched this week a game with which to discover if a message is phishing. In this sense, like that game, you have to look at specific aspects in these messages that send us in WhatsApp. If we pay attention, we will be able to see right away that it is a scam.

Detect virus in WhatsApp

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<p>In most cases, the messages that <strong>Looking to introduce a virus on our Android phone contain a link</strong>. It is the method chosen for the user to click on it and then sneak a virus or malware into the device. What usually varies is the content of the message. Although they usually follow some fairly common patterns.</p>
<p>In many cases we talk about offers or promotions, so if you want to take advantage of this promotion (which is usually too good to be true), <strong>you have to click on the mentioned link</strong>, which will take you in theory to the website in question. But this is not at all what happens. It is also made with free products of all kinds, which you can get by entering the link shown.</p>
<p>Another of the most recent is the message that tells you that you have a missed WhatsApp call. If you want to be able to listen to it, you have to click on the attached link. It's a scam, since if we have a missed call, <strong>we will see the notification ourselves</strong>. The application notifies in this regard if you have calls.</p>
<p>But the key in this regard is if we are sent a link that makes no sense in the context or a conversation that we have not had. In addition, the app helps detect suspicious links.</p>
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<p>On the other hand, <strong>in WhatsApp we find many scams on a regular basis</strong>. In many cases they are chain messages that expand at high speed through the messaging app. While they are usually the same messages, or at least the same format, over and over again. In fact, surely you know them or have received them on occasion.</p>
<p>Probably the best known or widespread, which continues to emerge from time to time, is that<strong> WhatsApp is going to be paid or you can change color</strong>. But, if you forward this message to your contacts, it will be free or it will change color. So, by magic. A well-known scam, but in which many users continue to fall.</p>
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… And again the #bulo arrives that you will have to pay for the #Whatsapp, but if you forward the message it will turn blue and it will be free … (that if it is mythical level fatigue)

That @WhatsApp is green !!! (like us ?) # NoPiques # NoReenvíes

– Civil Guard ?? (@guardiacivil) November 15, 2018

Then we met those chains, who almost predict the end of the world or talk about terrible criminal gangs lurking on the roads. It seeks to create fear and some panic in people, and they are chains that expand through the social network very quickly. But they never have anything to do with reality.

As with viruses, in terms of scams on WhatsApp, we find many free product messages, with discounts or promotions. These are offers that promise to be spectacular, they can hardly be real (because they are not). The objective is the same, that users click and end up clicking on the link in question. They are not always a virus, in many cases they are scams that could obtain data from users.

The important thing in these cases is to use common sense. A brand is not going to make a promotion through WhatsApp messages. The application will not be paid, in fact ads are introduced to avoid this, and by forwarding a message you will not be able to change the color of the app or make it free.

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