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great load and wide compatibility

Having a Power Bank has become more than an option since, currently, there are many devices that are carried from one place to another that need to be recharged from time to time (for example, smartphones and even watches smart). A good option is to have a wireless external battery And, luckily, right now there is a model on Amazon that meets this with good quality.

This accessory is finished in aluminum with a reinforcement in the lateral zone so that the possible blows can be absorbed. But if something catches your attention, it is that a small LCD screen which shows varied information, ranging from the work being done to the amount of cargo inside the Gnceei model we are talking about. If you wonder about the dimensions that this accessory has, they are suitable to take it from one side to the other without disturbing it, they are the following: 16.8 x 8.2 x 2.2 centimeters (and the weight stays at 381 grams).

The best cheap external batteries you can find on Amazon

This wireless external battery includes three USB type A output ports, so that virtually any device with its corresponding cable can be connected to the accessory, but additionally a connection is integrated USB type C which is valid both for recharging devices and for filling in the Power Bank we are talking about – this is also achieved through the use of microUSB-. Therefore, it is possible to use this product with all the accessories on the market regardless of the operating system they use.

External battery compatibility

Internal load and additional options of Gnceei Power Bank

In the first case, this product on offer includes an amperage of 25,000 mAh, so you can fill a Samsung Galaxy S10 up to eight times without the slightest problem and, even, most tablets can be taken 100% at least twice. By the way, that the recharging processes are safe since protection technologies are included for this purpose even used all integrated USB ports at once.

Something that is very positive is that this accessory is compatible with Qi technology Wireless recharge, which is the most used today and therefore compatibility includes from smartphones to Bluetooth headphones. And, in addition, these processes are always executed with the optimum output power since the necessary is available to perform the adjustment automatically.

Wireless External Battery Charge

Buy the wireless external battery on offer at Amazon

In the online store it is possible to get this accessory with a 25% discount with respect to the price it has on a regular basis, so the savings achieved are not bad at all. Then, we leave the link so you do not miss this opportunity that, if you are a Prime user, you will receive it at no cost for the delivery: