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Google Play adds "Hold for options" when replacing the three points vertically

Play store

In recent years, we have seen as the search giants has been modifying the interface it offers through the Play Store. In the latest versions, in order to access the options of an application, we only had to click on the three vertical buttons to the right of the name.

The Play Store has modified the method it offers us to interact with the applications available in the Google app store. Now instead of showing the three points vertically, we must press and hold the icon to access its options.

Play store

When you press and hold an application or game, automatically a window will be displayed from the bottom of the screen that offers us the option to install directly the application without at any time showing the details of it. It also offers us the possibility to add the application to the wish list.

If we want to access the details, we must click on the title of the game or application shown in the installation window, a change that It will certainly not be a pleasure for those users who want to see the details of an application or game before installing it, something that should be common among users.

This design change, allows you to add more information to the main page of the Play Store, since the line used to display the options available in each application shown on the front page of the store is removed. Presumably, this will be the main reason why Google has decided to remove it, since the more information is displayed on the home page, the greater the chances of user interaction is obtained. It's all about numbers.

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