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Google Maps on Android tests with incognito mode

Google Maps

Privacy was one of the most mentioned topics in the past Google I / O 2019. Among them it was possible to know that Google Maps was going to obtain throughout this year Incognito mode in your Android application. In this way, using this mode in the application, it would be possible to navigate without having been searched in the history.

This incognito mode is already a little closer to reaching Google Maps. Currently, tests are being carried out in the Android application with this mode. Therefore, it is a matter of time before it is officially launched in the map application.

The tests are already underway. Thanks to them we can see how this incognito mode will look on Google Maps, something that many wanted to see. It will be very easy to activate it, as you can see below. So using this mode in the app will not bring complications.

Google Maps incognito mode

When using the incognito mode in the application, nothing that is searched for or if used to navigate will be saved in the history in the app. Also, while this mode is active, the application will not issue notifications. Nor does it update the location history.

So we can see what it means to make use of this mode in Google Maps. For now no dates have been given for introduction of it in the popular application. Given that they are already with evidence, it is not something that should take too long to be official, but we do not know how much longer we will have to wait.

We will be attentive to the development of these tests with incognito mode in Google Maps. Since it promises to be a function of interest, in addition to not being the only app of the firm to obtain this mode. Others like Google Pay will also have access to it, as we could see.

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