Google Maps is updated with travel time programming

Google Maps is updated with travel time programming

Google is still working a lot on Google Maps. Although it is a widely used and well-known application, it is not one of the fashion apps, but simply very useful. The engineers in this section of Google are working on the inclusion of speed limits on the roads and also on setting the fixed speed cameras on the roads we are going to use.

But it is not the only novelty in which one works. In fact today we have known one that can already be used on any mobile that uses the latest version of the Google Maps beta, 10.8.

Calculation of departure or arrival time

It is a new option that is available in the creation of routes whenever we use as a method of transposing a car.

This function allows us to tell the system the time we are going to leave or the time we want to reach and will tell us how long that journey will take under current conditions. This is especially practical when we have to be in a place within an hour and we don't want to be late or wait for having appeared too soon.

Thus, we set the time we want to reach and Google Maps will tell us the time we have to leave. Obviously, the possible traffic jams that are generated while we are on the road are not taken into account, nor are we going much faster than allowed or much slower.

To make use of the function we must select the starting point and destination, press the blue button with the text «How to get»And select the car. There we must click on the three point icon from the upper right corner and click on Define departure and arrival time. We can choose one of the two.

When we do, a small warning will appear on the screen next to the map but for now there will be no notifications or notices that remind us that we have to leave, something that would be practical.