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Google gives you a choice between good performance or digital well-being in Pixel 3


The function of 'Digital Wellbeing' or family welfare seems to be the main problem of the poor performance of the Pixel 3.

Juan Garzon / CNET

The Pixel 3 YPixel 3 XL They have been one of the best cell phones you can buy in recent months, but similar to their predecessors, their performance has worsened considerably over time.

However, after months of use and looking for a way to recover the initial performance by uninstalling apps, deleting photos and videos, reducing cell phone animations and even removing other things that I like to use, the solution will simply be to remove or disable the digital wellness function.

The user in Reddit, Trueray17 discovered this after also a frustrating time

It has been frustrating that the Pixel 3 XL, at least in my case, was so far from the performance of what the OnePlus 6T and much more than what the Galaxy S10 Plus.

In my case, deactivating this function certainly helped in the performance of Pixel 3 and there are multiple users on Reddit who have said the same. This, then, means that you have to choose between good performance and well-being?

For now it seems that it is, but we have contacted Google to see if they have a comment about it. We will update this note if we receive a comment from Google.

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