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Gmail introduce dynamic messages this year

Dynamic messages in Gmail

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The arrival of these dynamic messages in Gmail should not take long to occur. Because at the moment, they are starting to try now. The application has them introduced in version v8.12.30.228577460. So the first tests with this feature have already begun. Although Google itself has not said anything about it, but it has already been seen, as indicated by some American media today.

This means that the journey of AMP with Gmail is already a fact and begins. What we do not know at the moment is when these dynamic messages will be introduced in the Google mail app for Android officially. The first tests have begun, so it takes a few months for everything to work well. It also depends on whether operating problems are found. Be he hopes that throughout this year they are already official in the app

Unfortunately we don’t have any more data about it. Most likely they will arrive next to the design change that is planned for Gmail throughout 2019. Since it has been said for months that the app will receive a new interface. Thanks to it, it is expected to be able to make much better use of it. For now we have no data on the arrival of the new design or dynamic messages. We hope to have data about it shortly. What do you think about this new feature that will arrive this year to the app?

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