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features, usage options and price

Currently, one or more devices that use a battery are left on the house, so having to recharge it It is something completely habitual. If this is your case, the lamp portable Popcandle It is a solution that you must keep in mind when you go on a trip or to sleep at a house that is yours. We show what this accessory offers great compatibility.

The truth is that the idea is quite good, since what this portable lamp offers is to allow recharge of all types of devices anywhere and, furthermore, without any restrictions. This, to a large extent, is achieved because there is a battery inside that has an amperage of 10,000 mAh, which allows, among other things, to offer more than seven thousand five hundred minutes of use to illuminate the place where it is. But, this accessory, is much more as we will explain and, therefore, it becomes an excellent travel companion.

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To begin with, the portability that PopCandle offers is excellent, since it has dimensions of 89.4 x 13.4, so it fits anywhere as a suitcase and even in the backpack. In addition, in what has to do with the manufacture, to avoid problems with the blows the silicone which ensures a good absorption of impacts. In addition, such interesting details are included as elements that allow the placement on top of a smartphone without danger of each and, additionally, there is a strap that allows this product to be hung almost anywhere and not lost.

PopCandle accessory

What's so special about PopCandle

The first thing is that thanks to the load that it has inside it allows through cable. It has ports USB type A and type C, specify from smartphones to tablets to not run out of battery anywhere. And, in addition, it has technology PD Fasting Charging which allows the use of more output power with compatible terminals -up to 18 W- so that the processes are much faster (50% of filling can be reached in just 30 minutes). This, by the way, is also compatible with some laptops.

PopCandle lamp design

But, also, inside PopCandle there is a wireless charging base compatible with technology Qi, which is the one used by the most important companies – such as Samsung or Apple -, and that allows with an extensible element that can be rotated to place smartphones with a 45-degree angle (ideal for watching movies, for putting a example). The power offered by this option is up to 10 W, and apart from mobile phones it is possible to use headphones, so the usefulness of this accessory is really high.

How to get the PopCandle accessory

Available in several colors, this device can be found in Kickstarter and the financing is sure to be completed. The shipments are located in the next month of December 2019 and, in what has to do with the price, this is one of the great attractions of this portable night lamp, since it only costs 35 euros, which is very little apr everything it offers.