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DxOMark analyzes the camera of the iPhone 11 Pro Max and is not the best

analysis camera iphone 11 pro max dxomark

Apple has got us used to having its iPhone at least one of the best cameras on the market. DxOMark has analyzed the camera of Apple's last flagship, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the results have not disappointed. Or at least not as much as those of Google Pixel 4. And it is that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has achieved a score of 117 points in DxOMark.

Although with this score it does not reach the Huawei Mate 30 Pro or the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, it manages to be in third place in the DxOMark ranking. Really not bad. But if we see it from the point of view of the consumer, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is more expensive than the two Android mentioned above, so we all expected his camera to be the best in the market.

Analysis of the iPhone 11 Pro Max camera, according to DxOMark

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has a triple rear camera composed of an ultra-wide 12 MP sensor, another 12 MP wide angle sensor and a last 12 MP for zoom. With this combination of sensors, the iPhone 11 Pro Max camera has achieved 124 points in photo and 102 points in video.

In general, the camera of this terminal has been approved in most DxOMark tests. In fact, he obtained the highest scores to date in the tests of exposure and contrast. DxOMark also highlights the incredible level of detail that captures the scenes in any condition, as well as its fast and correct autofocus. All this when taking photos.

camera iphone 11 pro max "width =" 700 "height =" 398

As for video, it is the best phone for recording videos that DxOMark has evaluated together with the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. It highlights its good stabilization of the shots, proper color capture and good noise control. However, it also has its negative or not so good points.

The bad thing about the iPhone 11 Pro Max camera

The main critics of the iPhone 11 Pro Max camera are aimed at its poor noise control in photos with poor lighting, which worsens with the use of the flash. Also, DxOMark says that the photos taken with this mobile lose a lot of detail when zooming or in the wide-angle shots.

Similarly, in the analysis, DxOMark points out that some photos have certain wrong greenish tones. And with regard to video recording, it really has very few low points. Perhaps the only bad thing is the remarkable autofocus that he performs at times while recording on the move.

iphone 11 pro max photos "width =" 700 "height =" 409

Why has DxOMark taken so long to analyze the camera of the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

This analysis has caused some controversy in the media. And is that DxOMark analyzed the camera of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 the same day of the launch, while It took almost 2 months to analyze the iPhone 11 Pro Max (one of the most important mobile phones of the year). Do not forget that DxOMark not only analyzes and makes a ranking of mobile phones with a better camera, but also provides a payment consulting service to manufacturers.

Therefore, many believe that the delay in the analysis of the iPhone 11 Pro Max has been committed to favor the sales of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. However, that is not so. DxOMark I was waiting for Deep Fusion (the new photo mode with AI) was official to be able to compare the camera in all its splendor. Either way, both phones have spectacular cameras and surely most will keep the Mi Note 10 for the simple fact that it is worth 700 less.

And t … what do you think about it?

Source | DxOMark

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