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Could Apple sell the iPhone as a monthly subscription service?

iPhone 11 pro

After the last interview given by Tim Cook last Wednesday, the media began to speculate about the questions and answers that Apple CEO exchanged with analyst Tony Sacconaghi. The most talked about was the proposal of Sacconaghi about a futuristic "prime" iPhone subscription, turning it into a monthly payment product as if it were a streaming service.

The iPhone, like Apple TV +, in monthly payments.

Tim Cook did not hesitate to step up to this question by not denying at any time the possibility of this happening and I answer stating that this is a field where there is a lot of growth, what reading between the lines we can understand how it can be something that ends up happening.

Tim cook

Apple is aware that it is a demanded service.

As Tim himself said in the interview, Apple is aware that its consumers would be interested in a procurement system that would allow them to pay for an iPhone on a monthly basis, and also facilitate their renewal year to year. I can see that Apple's policy for its flagship product was to facilitate its users to renew their devices, as we can see with the Trade-in plans, in which Apple gives value to our current iPhone to discount the new iPhone we buy.

Apple is aware that its consumers will be interested in a procurement system that allows you to pay an iPhone on a monthly basis

The Apple Card to facilitate the purchase of a new iPhone.

In the aforementioned interview it was also known that if we buy an iPhone with the Apple Card, Goldman Sachs will allow us to finance 24 months without interest on the device. Although this is something that other great technology retailers have already been doing, it is the first time that Apple offers it directly through its own payment services.


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An easily monthly future.

This past Wednesday there was no ?Apple Prime? service in which we can subscribe to have an iPhone, but it is true that the bases were established from where we can see that this issue will go, and that is Apple is aware that there is a very large market bed for this payment method, which almost certainly end up squeezing.