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Consumers can sue Apple for App Store practices

Apple made a trip to the Supreme Court and left with a loss.

In a decision

Bipartisan of 5-4, the highest court in the US UU. He ruled that consumers can sue Apple for anti-competitive practices regarding the App Store on Monday.

The opinion, written by Judge Brett Kavanaugh, declined to adopt a specific position regarding Apple's business practices.

IPhone owners

They filed a class action lawsuit against Apple in 2011.

The App Store is the only way to legally buy iPhone applications, but Apple charges developers an annual fee of $ 99 to operate in the digital market.

Apple gets a 30 percent cut from each sale, which the alleged demand was transmitted to consumers in the form of overvalued applications.

Apple argued

Consumers could not sue the company because they are not "direct buyers" of applications.

If an application has an excessive price, the fault is of the developers and not of Apple, said the manufacturer of the iPhone.

A small majority of SCOTUS judges disagreed, which means that antitrust lawsuits against Apple can go ahead.

?If a retailer has engaged in illegal monopolistic behavior that has caused consumers to pay higher prices than competitive ones, it does not matter how the retailer structured his relationship with an ascending manufacturer or supplier, whether, for example, the retailer Use a profit margin. Or kept a commission, " Kavanaugh wrote.

The Supreme Court

He decided to review the case in November. It remains to be seen how, or even if, Apple will suffer due to this decision, but more antitrust complaints could be filed against large technology companies in the US. UU.

The United States

They have been lax with respect to antitrust legislation against technology companies compared to the European Union, but that will not necessarily be true for a long time.

Last week, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes called to dissolve his former company in an opinion piece of the New York Times .