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Campaign budget and how it is allocated on Facebook

How is the campaign budget spent on Facebook platforms?

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Facebook received more than 17 billion dollars for advertising in the third quarter of this year.

The campaign budget on Facebook is largely devoted to ads in the feed.

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The large amount of money that Facebook receives each quarter as part of the advertising that brands develop is a sign of the effectiveness that the platform can have for the fulfillment of marketing campaign objectives. Only in the third quarter of this year, according to data from the firm itself, Facebook took more than 17 billion dollars, which was part of the campaign budget that brands decided to allocate to their platforms, both to the same-name social network as well as Instagram.

The resources invested in advertising and the way in which they are allocated tell us about how brands develop their campaigns by using Facebook platforms.

To understand how they do it, as seen in the graph that we share this day, with data from a study of Socialbakers carried out worldwide with 143 thousand 185, it is possible to highlight that a large part of the brands that make use of the platforms of Facebook mainly take their campaigns to the feed of this social network, that's where little more than 60 percent of the campaign budgets goes.

The second key location for brand campaigns on Facebook platforms is the Instagram feed, 20 percent of the budgets are allocated, while the rest of the top 5 is made up of Instagram Stories, the suggested videos on Facebook and the videos also on Facebook.

According to the data shared by the social media management platform, a large part of the brands seems to be right with the main location to which they carry their campaigns, this because the Facebook feed is considered the space with the click rate higher, this being 1.7 percent. However, there is an area of ??opportunity because the videos suggested on Facebook do not receive so much budget but are placed in the second position with respect to the CTR they receive from potential consumers.