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Bloomberg: Netflix, HBO and others want you to stop sharing your password

Netflix has not opposed the sharing of passwords, and has never taken an official stance against it, but the company said recently that it is investigating the matter and looking for friendly ways to handle it. It turns out that Netflix is ??not the only transmission service that wants to stop the exchange of passwords, since a coalition of content providers that includes Netflix, HBO and other "titans" of the cable industry are studying ways to change how the use works Password sharing

A Bloomberg report explains that there are many ideas on the table to make it more difficult to abuse the exchange of passwords.

For example, customers may be asked to change their passwords periodically or to enter codes received through text messages to continue viewing. Other measures may include preventing third parties from logging into the same streaming account from a device connected to the TV, such as a Roku in a second location, while allowing access to smart phone and tablet applications. The most radical idea is to log in to a transmission service using biometric data, such as the owner's fingerprint.

In addition, Charter said its recent distribution agreements with Fox and Disney will help them address the exchange of passwords, but it is not clear what those measures are.

The coalition, called the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, includes several known members, not only Netflix and HBO: Amazon, Disney, Viacom, Comcast and Charter are also part of it. Initially trained to combat online privacy, the group announced that it is seeking to share the password below.

It is not clear when the coalition will enforce such rules, especially considering that new services such as Disney + and Apple TV + allow you to share passwords of up to six members per basic account. Comparatively, Netflix offers support for four simultaneous transmissions for your most expensive account, and the cheapest membership only supports a single transmission. Bloomberg Note that HBO Max and Peacock are not ready to reveal how many simultaneous transmissions they will admit. Meanwhile, DirecTV and Comcast support five broadcasts, and ESPN supports three.

Any aggressive campaign to prevent people from sharing passwords with friends and family can convince certain user segments to unsubscribe. Not to mention that there is no guarantee that young consumers get their own subscription to Netflix or HBO after losing access, the report said.

The report cites an estimate from Parks Associate that says the pay-TV industry lose $ 6.6 billion for piracy and password sharing, with a figure to increase to $ 9 billion by 2024.

Image source: Photo by Olly Curtis / Future / Shutterstock