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Apple did not want the AirPods Pro to be repairable

AirPods Pro box

Just during these days we told about the recent disassembly of the AirPods Pro by the iFixit team, which had yielded certain data that led to the conclusion that these devices were somehow disposableWell, they can't be repairable. Now the same team has mentioned that this situation is planned by the same company Apple.

AirPods Pro s can be repaired

The new AirPods Pro have the distinguished design of Apple products, they have elegance, innovation and technology. In addition, they already have the support of being the best wireless headphones with the best sound, but currently those of Cupertino they face to an anger and dislike for this product, all from the hand of the iFixit team and its website. Well for them Apple did not want them to be repairable at a low cost and in a simple way.

The AirPods Pro have meticulously ordered internal components to meet their functions, but according to the opinion of these experts, the devices may well have been designed in Two parts to separate these components into two halves: one which compacted the most relevant components (processor, microphone and sensor) and one ms where they could isolate the antennas and the battery, which is the main object of a repair.

AirPods Pro battery

One of the surprises that came with the disassembly, was that the AirPods Pro have a standard watch style battery that could be changed easily and without a high cost. Normally the need for a repair of these headphones could arise from the depletion of this battery due to its constant use, or by some accident or neglect that the devices suffer, which could directly affect the more complex components. This leads to the conclusion that the AirPods Pro may be semi-repairable, one part of them (battery) will be replaceable and the other part (delicate components) will need professional intervention.

Apple's move

Although the AirPods Pro may be repairable in the appearance of the battery because it is the biggest risk to be repaired or replaced, the reality is that they are hard to open, so it is not a point in favor of a workshop dedicated to the repair of this part of the devices, either by third parties or by Apple itself.

The problem arises from understanding that all batteries have a life or duration limitThis is why AirPods Pro and its constant use, as well as the kind of battery they have increase the risk To need to be repaired. This, coupled with the difficulty of disassembling each AirPod makes it almost impossible to even think about making the attempt, in addition there is an obstacle Very large imposed by Apple. The battery is welded To the audio controller.

All the difficulties that Apple has put in the repair of its new AirPods Pro suggest that it is due to the lack of interest that they have for the repair of these, in addition if we think about the detail of the replacement, this brings benefits to the same companyWell, remember that even when Apple offers a battery service to its customers, this is a way to offer only one new game for a similar cost to the principal. In addition, even with the AppleCare + service you have limiting which may not suit the customer.

Disassembling AirPodsPro

Apple has worked up in various details that suggest that these AirPods Pro they are not repairable due to the needs of the same company, because it has been raised make many of these devices, which will not affect with an environmental impact on being discarded, but manufactured and working with a low risk design and components help this proposal by Apple to maintain environmental care with its products.

When produced with a modular design that reduce costs of manufacture, which may be recovered for recycling and also go placing new sales It is a strategy that argues the statements of the iFixit team, because there is no reason to be repaired, you just have to change them, recycle them and continue producing. This is a good way to shoot Sales